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Secure Design - Is your code also designed with security in mind?

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  • Date: 26 February, 2019

Secure CodingMany cyber security efforts are aimed at securing data, apps, web sites etc... But is your code designed with security in mind? Is cyber security part of the requirements that new apps, sites, solutions must meet? Do your developers know the best practices around cyber security? Developers with secure coding skills can make an important contribution towards reducing the number of incidents. Equally important is that secure coding often results in shorter / less test cycles, allowing your apps and other solutions to go to market faster.

Security Training for Developers is a powerful mix of assessment and e-learning. Developers can test their knowledge concerning the 10 most common vulnerabilities (OWASP Top 10) and then dive into the e-learning in a targeted manner. Management can review comprehensive reporting; we deliver comprehensive reporting that measures developers’ knowledge of security risk overall and across each of the OWASP Top-10 security risks, meaning that you can measure overall competency, as well as competency levels for each security risk. This reporting gives you the ability to report both on a team and individual level. We also measure your results against the average, so that you are able to benchmark your business against industry..

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