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As European leading training institute in the field of security, Global Knowledge supports organizations in creating and maintaining a secure IT infrastructure, organization and data security by designing training courses and training your employees. Global Knowledge provides training and education in all disciplines and levels of security.

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Cybersecurity is important for every organization. Huge amounts of data are shared with each other through numerous interfaces and devices. Cybersecurity is important for every organization. Huge amounts of data are shared with each other through numerous interfaces and devices. But is everyone within the organization aware of the dangers? This month we pay extra attention to our broad Security Portfolio. For example, you can find blogs, articles and news about Security within IT. You can also download our Whitepaper.

Good security consists of more than just technology - well defined IT Security policy and the stimulation of a culture in which every employee is aware of his or her responsibilities - are at least as important. Global Knowledge has mapped these areas of interest for optimal security.

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"10 Network Security Tools and Tests Everyone Should Use"

Whether you are operating a home system, overseeing a small startup, or performing security governance for an enterprise, everyone can benefit from paying attention to security. This white paper provides a list of 10 security tools and tests that will help you check out suspicious issues and keep ahead of new risks and threats.


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Cyber Security Should be Agile

Agile Security and its relation to medical devices

Today I had the privilege to hear the presentation from Veronica Schmitt, a South African security professional with a special interest for cyber medical devices. As her life depends on a pace maker, which can be monitored remotely, she is dedicated to improve the security of such devices.

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Cybersecurity Glossary of Terms

Regardless of your role in an organization, this glossary of cybersecurity terms was compiled for everyone from the security professional to the general end-user. Here, you’ll find definitions of terms commonly used in the security industry. Uncover knowledge areas in which you excel and where you want to expand.

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CyberSecurity Way Out

The Top 5 Hacker Types

Hackers vary in skill and motivation. To defend yourself against today’s Cybersecurity threats, start by understanding the five main types of hackers.

Understand the 5 Hacker Types
Security Roadmap

Cyber Security Training Roadmap

Get your Cyber Security Roadmap and find out which training Courses you still need to do

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