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Five questions about CTIA-training, a cyber intelligence course by EC-Council

Global Knowledge
  • Date: 23 October, 2019
Global Knowledge trainer Michiel Broekhuijsen is one of the first trainers to receive the Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst-certification. Global Knowledge offers this brand new EC-Council training course in their course catalog.

Of course you want to know what to expect before you decide to book a training course. In this article we answer five frequently asked questions about the CTIA-training. When you book a training course at Global Knowledge, you know exactly what you signed up for.

What is a CTIA-training course all about?

CTIA is short for Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst. The CTIA-training course is designed by EC-Council. EC-Council is a vendor of cyber security certifications. You might know them from their Ethical Hacking training courses.

During a CTIA-training course we teach you the skills to identify risks for your organization. The training course is for security specialists and gives you a structured approach for putting together a file with information about the biggest cyber security threats for your organization.

A big part of the training course is spent on teaching you practical skills by using EC-Council labs. These labs consist of tools, methodology, frameworks and scripts.

How does EC-council differentiate itself?

EC-council was formed after 9/11. Founder Jay Bavisi wondered what would happen if the 9/11 attacks would've taken place in the digital world. Would the IT-world have the tools to protect itself against the cyber terrorists? At that moment the answer was no – the reason EC-Council (or the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants) came to life.

EC-Council is an experienced vendor. They've trained over 200.000 security-specialists and are active in 145 countries. Their most famous certification is the Certified Ethical Hacking-certification. The certifications of EC-Council are recognized all over the world.

What do I need to know before I start this training course?

You don’t need any specific knowledge before you sign up for this course, but if you want to take the exam for this course, you’ll need three years of working experience in information security or software development.

How can I continue to learn after this training course?

After this training course you can expand your knowledge by passing your CEH-certificate. If you are CEH-certified already, you can try and pass your Certified Ethical Hacker Master certification.

Why should I take this training course at Global Knowledge?

Global Knowledge has received the EC-Council Circle of Excellence 2019. This means that you’re always certain of the newest course material that is taught by experienced experts. If you book the course at Global Knowledge, the exam voucher is already included.

Would you like more information after this article? Contact your account manager at Global Knowledge or Business Development Manager Dick Goettsch.
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