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Reduce training costs with a few simple tips

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  • Date: 30 August, 2018

Employee training is often the first cost item that is removed when an organization has to reduce costs. Training does not have the highest priority, while the organization does benefit from it. Moreover, the costs do not have to rise.

Check training needs

By looking at the past, it is possible to find out which courses deliver the most return on investment for the organization. Which study programs or training methods were effective and did they actually add value to the organization? The answers can be obtained by having conversations with the (direct) managers of employees from different departments. The priorities are then determined within the training policy. What knowledge and skills do managers miss within their team and which employees have the greatest need for further training?

Determine the duration of the training

Then the execution. Is it really necessary to offer managers a four-day training project management, or can this also be done in one or two days? And should the training be held at an external location or can it also be done internally? In the latter case the organization saves on the costs of room hire, catering and possibly the train tickets of the employees. This can make a big difference! It is also not useful - and expensive - to send entire teams to a course without making a distinction. After all, the training is only useful for employees who are clear that they can actually apply what they’ve learned in practice.

Compare prices

It is worthwhile to compare different trainers by comparing quotations. Will multiple employees start the same training? Then chances are that the provider can give a discount. Finally, it is smart to find out if there are any additional costs, such as those for learning materials or examinations. It is sometimes possible for employees to re-take final examinations free of charge if they fail to do so. Coaching or evaluation programs can also be worthwhile. At Global Knowledge you have contact with your own Account Manager to help you with this.

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