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Network Management

Networks become larger and more sophisticated every year as they continue to support the ever increasing demand for new services. Consequently, the task of controlling, monitoring and managing a network effectively is becoming increasingly complex.

Global Knowledge offer bleeding edge Cisco Network Management Consultancy services on network infrastructures. May it be a pure Cisco based network or may it consist of multi-vendor equipment, we have the expertise. At Global Knowledge we understand that many networks have grown historically and do not always follow best NMS (Network Management System) practices.

Our Cisco Network Management Specialists & Cisco Works Consultants understand that many networks grow and develop over time without strictly adhering to NMS (Network Management System) best practices. Having audited your network infrastructure, they will advise the best course of action in order to optimize the management of your network. Following that, the consultants will provide you with comprehensive white papers and suggest a solution that takes into account three crucial factors – manageability, security and scalability.

Our Network Management & Cisco NMS Support Services include the following:

  • Data Center Network Manager
  • Cisco Security Manager (CSM)
  • Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution
  • Cisco Prime Network Analysis Module
  • Cisco MARS
  • Cisco Configuration Professional
  • Cisco Network Assistant
  • Cisco net Manager IP Infrastructure
  • Cisco net Manager Unified Communications
  • Cisco Secure Access Control Server (Cisco ACS)
  • HP Open view
  • PRTG Monitoring solutions
  • What’s-Up-Gold solutions
  • Solarwinds Solutions
  • Generic Network Management (SNMP, RMON, Netflow, Syslog etc.) and many more

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