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GK Polaris Accelerate

The Future of Learning

Get to know GK Polaris Accelerate: Push your teams skillset to the next level

With GK Polaris Accelerate you get the most out of on-demand training. It offers immediate access to vendor authorised and high-tech digital training, with a portfolio that is continuously updated. Your team will have access to actual lab environments by Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and many others. The labs will give them the opportunity to perform very difficult tasks in a safe environment to gain familiarity and proficiency. They will also receive clear video instructions and practice exams to prepare them for taking their certification exams. 

GK Polaris Accelerate isn’t just any other learning subscription – it helps prepare your team to acquire  industry respected certifications with the added flexibility that all content can be accessed anytime, from any location.


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What is the difference between GK Polaris Launch, Accelerate and Discovery?

Our unlimited training program, GK Polaris, provides a subscription option for everyone. 

If you are starting your career or switching to a new job role, as an IT or business professional, then GK Polaris Launch is for you! You will have unlimited access to over 250 foundational on-demand courses. 

A person who works in IT currently and has foundational IT knowledge but requires a path to attain foundational training on a specific vendor product or technology in an on-demand format would benefit from the GK Polaris Accelerate subscription. It includes authorized vendor training and challenge activities featuring Microsoft, AWS, Cybersecurity, and others.

A professional who desires live streaming instructor-led training with real-time interaction and engagement would fit best with the GK Polaris Discovery subscription. Traditional 1 to 5-day classes with a live certified instructor, lab activities, and exercises define this offering. 

Your organizations’ professionals decide wherever, whenever and however they get the skills they need in order to push your organization to the next level. Get to know the future of learning: limitless, on-demand, without compromising the quality of our courses.

Make the most of GK Polaris Accelerate – get your certification on

Did you know certified IT Professional ensure a better job performance? A third of IT professional surveyed in the Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Survey even said the quality of their work has improved and 15% of them make fewer errors… 

GK Polaris Accelerate makes it easy for your team to get certified. The subscription includes exam prep content for certifications by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and many other vendors.

The vendor authorised content prepares you for the certification exam. Ready for your exam? All you need to do is book your exam at an additional cost after you’ve finished the prep.

GK Polaris

  • Launch $99

    For those just starting their career, or switching to a new job role, as an IT or business professional.

    View Launch
  • Accelerate $399

    For professionals who require authorized, vendor-specific training with related challenges to reinforce skills.

    View Accelerate
  • Discovery $2,999

    For professionals who require expert instruction and interaction to achieve critical, high-priority skills.

    View Discovery