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CWNP Learning PartnerWant to become a network specialist? With the vendor neutral certifications Certified Wireless Network Provider (CWNP) provides, you will get the knowledge you need for a successful career. 

The provided CWNP certifications are about all technology that has to do with enterprise WLAN-solutions. With the various certifications and the knowledge you gain, you will be able to design, administer and troubleshoot WLAN-infrastructure and applications. Because the CWNP certifications are vendor neutral, it does not matter which vendor your solution is from, you will always have the right knowledge and skills to work with it.

Which certifications can you get at Global Knowledge?

At Global Knowledge, you can get 7 CWNP certifications. They are listed below:

CWSCertified Wireless Specialist (CWS)CWTCertified Wireless Technician (CWT)
CWNACertified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA)CWSPCertified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP)
CWDPCertified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP)CWAPCertified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP)
CWNECertified Wireless Network Expert (CWNE)