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Press Release

IT Professionals are Invited to Participate in the Largest Global Survey on IT Skills, Salaries and Certifications

Global Knowledge
  • Date: 10 October, 2018

Cary (United States)/Wokingham (United Kingdom), 10th October 2018 - Global Knowledge, the worldwide leader in IT training and professional skills development, has launched its 12th annual IT Skills and Salary Survey.

 Now through November 9, 2018, IT professionals, from frontline contributors to executives, are invited to participate. Participants will answer questions—anonymously—in areas such as salaries, certifications, career advancement, skills needs, training and emerging technologies.

The global survey is used in the benchmark IT Skills and Salary Report which will be released in the spring of 2019.

Zane Schweer, who leads the yearly project, said, “The survey and report have become critical assets in helping understand and uncover numerous trends and priorities in the industry. Individuals can compare salaries to peers and see which certifications are in-demand, management has external data points for budget, hiring and skills development trends, IT decision-makers and business leaders are able to see what skills gaps are doing to their organization, how satisfied IT professionals are and what technologies are gaining momentum.”

The survey takes 12-18 minutes to complete.


Participants are encouraged to share the survey with co-workers and colleagues.

Key findings from last year's IT salary report included:

  • Seventy percent of IT decision-makers around the world say their teams face a shortage of necessary skills.
  • Top three impacts of skills gaps: 1) Higher stress on employees 2) Difficulty meeting quality objectives 3) Delays in developing new products or services.
  • Cybersecurity and cloud computing jobs are in the highest demand and pay the best, yet managers can’t find qualified candidates.
  • Top reasons behind skill gaps are lack of training investment, difficulty attracting quality candidates and difficulty paying what candidates demand.

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Zane Schweer
Corporate Communications Manager / Salary Survey and Report Owner
+1 919 388 1054