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Webinar - Recorded

Get to Know the Google Cloud Platform

Global Knowledge
  • Date: 23 May, 2018
  • Duration: 54m

Making strides as a top contending cloud provider is Google Cloud Platform (GCP). In the growing cloud market, it’s important for organizations to understand the core products and services, how GCP can be utilized and see it in action.

Watch this one-hour recorded webinar where you can expect to learn:

Introduction to GCP

  • Core features of GCP products & services
  • How this fits in the GCP cloud landscape
  • GCP key market strengths

GCP Use Cases

  • Ingesting Big data into BigQuery and performing OLAP workloads
  • Hosting a set of REST API microservices
  • Using pre-built Machine Learning APIs for image or speech processing

LIVE DEMO: Deploying REST API Microservices

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