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Microsoft Certified Partner

Become Microsoft Certified Gold or Silver Partner!

Would you like to become Microsoft Certified Partner? Microsoft has Gold and Silver certified partners. You get the opportunity to become Microsoft Gold or Silver partner when your organization has a certain amount of certified Microsoft professionals at work.

What do you gain by becoming partner?

As a Microsoft Certified Silver or Gold Partner you become part of the Microsoft Partner network. To become partner, you have to pass all the requirements Microsoft has set for this rewards. Once you’ve become partner, you’ll be rewarded with discounts on Microsoft tools and services.

Being a Microsoft Partner gives you access to tools, toolkits, the latest news and updates and you’ll be able to participate in Microsoft training programs for free or discounted.

You’ve even got access to 24 hour Microsoft Support. The advantages differ per partnership. As a Gold Partner, you’ll receive more privileges than as a Silver Partner. The main difference is the usage of Microsoft software for free within your organization with one partnership, but you’ll have to pay for usage of Microsoft software if you gain the other partnership.

How do you become Microsoft Certified Silver or Gold Partner?

As a potential Microsoft Certified Gold or Silver Partner, there are four categories that contain requirements you have to pass before you get the partner status. These categories are: application & infrastructure, business applications, data & artificial intelligence and modern workplace.

These four categories contain 19 requirements you have to pass to qualify as partner. Microsoft explains how to pass these requirements on this page.

Global Knowledge can help you become partner!

Global Knowledge can help you gain your partner status. How? Reach out to our Channel Account Managers.