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Six reasons why you should take evening courses at Global Knowledge

Global Knowledge
  • Date: 28 April, 2021

Global Knowledge has recently started offering evening training courses in Dutch. In this article, read six reasons to follow our evening courses.

  1. You don't have time to train during the day

    A big release is planned, or you work with a small team where no one can be missed, or you work part-time and take care of your children for the rest of the day ...

    Sometimes it’s just too busy during the day to attend a training. An evening training can be a perfect a solution.
  2. It is a good use of time

    When you’ve had a busy day, chances are that you’re lying on the couch in the evening watching Netflix. That can be wonderful - but it doesn’t always give a feeling of satisfaction.

    You can swap those evenings on the couch for evenings in the classroom. Learning something new will give you satisfaction, but there are more reasons why it’s good to get some training now and then. With training, your work will become simpler, your productivity will increase, and work becomes more enjoyable. Attending trainings with other participants in our Virtual Classroom can be an inspiring experience.

    Maybe you’re thinking “…a full week of evening training, that’s too much”. But it doesn’t have to be each day of the week. You can start from two days of evening training. That’s a small but worthwhile investment.
  3. You are not a morning person

    If it takes up to at least 10 hours to be productive, or you usually get out of bed on the wrong side, training during the day may not be a great idea.

    Once you’ve gone through the rough phase and feeling sharper by the evening, you can better focus on a training. This way you get the most out of your training.
  4. You can’t miss any working days

    Maybe you have a position where you’re expected to be at the office every day, or you’re required to be always available for contact during the day. Then, following a training during the day is not an option. Here too, evening training can provide a solution.
  5. Apply what you learn immediately the next morning

    You can get quick results from an evening training. You can apply what you’ve learned immediately to your work the next day.
  6. Get certified right away

    When you book an evening training with Global Knowledge, the corresponding exam is included in the fee. This way, you can directly achieve that sought-after certification right after your training.

Global Knowledge offers evening training courses on IT Service Management standard ITIL4, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Excel, DevOps, Prince2, and also soft skills training. The course materials, lab access, and exams are included in the evening training — all for a competitive price. Curious?

Global Knowledge

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