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Withdrawal of new VMware model

Global Knowledge
  • Date: 21 February, 2018

No new VMware delivery model

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We informed you in December that there would be a change in the delivery model for VMware training courses. VMware would be in charge of the full coordination of all VMware training courses as of February 5, 2018. However, a few weeks before this date, VMware informed us that the new delivery model had been withdrawn.

What does that mean?

The withdrawal of the new delivery model means that just like last year, VMware will continue to deliver the high-end training courses itself, but that Global Knowledge continues to coordinate, schedule and deliver all other VMware training courses (that is: the training courses that are most in demand). As a result, Global Knowledge can, for example, once again specify the frequency of a training course in the public schedule. Global Knowledge can also specify where the training course will be given and by which instructor. That is, of course, good news. We have already adjusted the scheduling for the coming months and placed it on the website.

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