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Five reasons to get your security certification now

Global Knowledge
  • Date: 25 January, 2021

A higher salary, higher chances of a new job, or preparedness for challenges in your field—this article gives you five reasons to obtain a security certification.

There are plenty of reasons to get certified. A certification can fetch you more salary, your C.V. stands out to potential employers, and your knowledge is validated. But why would you specifically obtain a security certification? Global Knowledge gives you five reasons.

  • 1. A security certification yields more salary
    A well-trained security specialist is highly valued by organizations, resulting in higher salaries, as is evident from research.

    According to the annual IT Skills and Salary Survey by Global Knowledge, the highest paid certification in EMEA is the Certified Information Security Systems Professional from (ISC)2. As a European IT professional, you can earn up to € 81,000 annually. Also in the top ten is the Certified Information Security Professional from ISACA, fetching up to € 68,000 annually.

    If you want to earn more in 2021, a security certification is a step in the right direction.
  • A security certification can get you started in the field
    Are you considering a career switch in 2021 or looking for a new job? With a security certification, you do better on the labour market. The UWV even recommended security specialists on its list of promising professions during the Corona crisis.

    If you’re considering retraining in the new year, switching to a career as a security specialist is an excellent idea. Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the pandemic. As more and more people are working from home, new cyber threats are lurking. As a security specialist, you can be sure that your expertise is much required during this time.

    Do you still have doubts about job security in IT? There’s no reason to worry! According to AG Connect, employment opportunities for IT professionals are only getting better. It’s based on figures from Yacht, which show that the number of IT vacancies has been increasing since the end of August 2020.
  • 3. You’re better prepared for challenges in the field
    If you already work as a security specialist, a certification makes you better equipped for challenges in your field. After all, cyber criminals are inventing new ways every day to access sensitive data from you or your organization. That’s why it’s important that you remain a step ahead.

    At Global Knowledge, the information you’re given is always up to date. Our trainers not only focus on theory, but also on practice. This way, you can immediately apply the knowledge and skills you’ve learnt. Moreover, this new knowledge ensures that you can better handle the new threats.
  • 4. A security certification makes your C.V. stand out
    Security specialists are in demand by organizations. As we pointed out earlier in this article, the number of security threats is increasing during the Covid-19 pandemic, and a career as a security specialist is a good move.

    Your C.V. becomes an eye-catcher with a security certification. If you’re already a security specialist, a certification validates your knowledge; if you wish to switch to a role in security, such a certification is a proof that you have the necessary knowledge and skills. It also shows your versatility as an IT professional.
  • 5. A security certification validates your knowledge and skills
    A security certification is a proof of your knowledge and skills. For instance, the well-known security certifications of ISACA require a number of years of practical experience and in-depth knowledge in the respective areas of expertise.

    With such a certification, you show that you not only have the knowledge, but also know how to apply it in practice. That's important to employers—after all, an organization wants employees who can get things done.

Ready for a security certification?

Global Knowledge offers security certifications from EC-Council, ISACA and (ISC)2. Curious about the full portfolio? Click on the button below to view all our security training courses and discover for which other certifications you can contact Global Knowledge.

This article has been created with the help of the following sources: AGConnect, Emerce, Start a Cyber Career and UWV.

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