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Five reasons why you should get a certification now

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  • Date: 26 July, 2021

Obtaining certificates after an IT training is sometimes a challenge—often because of lack of time, sometimes because of the costs, or simply because you don't feel like taking the exam. And that is a shame, because a certificate will ultimately yield you so much more.

Better performance and salary increase are the best-known benefits of a certification. But there's more! These are the five most important reasons to start working on a certification.

  • 1. With a certification you earn more
    IT professionals with a certification earn more than their counterparts without one. IT professionals who obtained a certificate in the past year saw their salaries increase by an average of nearly 11,000 euros, according to the Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Survey. In the United States, the gap in pay between IT professionals with and without certificates is highest: 8% in favor of certified IT professionals.

    The survey found that nearly 20% of the IT professionals received a pay rise or promotion immediately after certification. Globally, certification in the field of cloud computing such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud is the most lucrative. In Europe, a security certification is the most beneficial for IT professionals. Especially, the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certification results in top salaries.

    More the certifications, higher the salary. Certifications from various fields (cross-certification) yield even more. For example, a cybersecurity certificate combined with a certification in another IT field such as project management or cloud can yield 11% more salary.
  • 2. The quality of your work improves
    As many as 52% of IT workers say that the quality of their work has improved after obtaining a certification. The acquired knowledge can often be used directly in the workplace, tasks are performed more efficiently and effectively, and fewer mistakes are made.
  • 3. Certification validates your knowledge
    A certification shows that you have a certain level of knowledge. That you have not only done a training, but that you really understand the material and can apply it properly—all demonstrated by an independent party.

    Such a certification can be useful if you are going to negotiate your salary or if you want to be considered for a promotion. A certification also ensures that your C.V. is an eye-catcher for a dream employer. Knowledge is power!
  • 4. You discover where you stand
    You often gain a lot of knowledge and experience performing your job, and it’s useful to see 'where you stand' with the help of a certification process. Not only for the outside world, but also for yourself. That gives confidence.

    Moreover, you discover which knowledge or skills you lack and you can acquire them by attending trainings. You may discover that you want to know more about a certain technology or want to take a detour and explore a different area. It’s also nice for yourself to discover how far you can go.
  • 5. A certification boosts your career
    Certification shows that you are willing to invest in your development. It shows that you are interested in new technological developments and that you are driven and motivated. This always has beneficial consequences for your career.

    Your career prospects increase with every new certification. Certification can ensure that you receive more responsibility, a promotion, or more salary.

    The IT Skills and Salary Survey shows that 16% of certified IT professionals think it has become a lot easier to find an interesting new job after certification.

Ready for certification?

We believe we’ve given enough reasons to put certification high on your list. What are you waiting for?

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