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CompTIA Network + Support Skills

  • Course Code G005
  • Duration 5 days

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Course Overview


Onze CompTIA Network+ Certificerings Prep cursus stelt u in staat om de concepten die op het Network+ examen worden behandeld te demonstreren met behulp van een geavanceerde remote lab omgeving. Doorloop verschillende oefenexamens om uw kennis te versterken en essentiële netwerkvaardigheden op te doen in labs met netwerkapparaten zoals routers, switches, access points, en andere. Het behalen van CompTIA's Network+ certificering verhoogt uw waarde op de markt door bewijs te leveren van uw kennis, vaardigheden en bekwaamheid om een basis netwerk infrastructuur te beheren, onderhouden, troubleshooten, installeren, bedienen en configureren in een vendor-neutraal formaat.

Our CompTIA Network+ Certification Prep course allows you to demonstrate the concepts covered on the Network+ exam using a sophisticated remote lab environment. Work through several practice exams to reinforce your knowledge and gain essential networking skills in labs featuring networking devices such as routers, switches, access points, and others. Earning CompTIA's Network+ certification increases your value in the marketplace by providing proof of your knowledge, skills, and ability to manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install, operate, and configure a basic network infrastructure in a vendor-neutral format.

Course Schedule

    • Delivery Format: Public Classroom
    • Date: 28 February-04 March, 2022
    • Location: Mechelen (Battelsesteenweg)


    • Delivery Format: Virtual Learning
    • Date: 28 February-04 March, 2022
    • Location: Virtual


    • Delivery Format: Virtual Learning
    • Date: 28 February-04 March, 2022
    • Location: Virtual
    • Language: NL
    • Delivery Format: Virtual Learning
    • Date: 13-17 June, 2022
    • Location: Virtual
    • Language: NL

Target Audience

  • IT personnel who need a solid foundation in networking
  • Managers and supervisors who must oversee network-related activities
  • Individuals interested in pursuing the CompTIA Network+ certification exam N10-007


Course Objectives

  • Fundamentals
  • Physical networks
  • TCP/IP networks
  • Internetworking
  • Wireless LANs
  • Wide area networks
  • Cybersecurity principles
  • Defending networks
  • Evolving network technologies
  • Network Planning
  • Network operations



Course Content



  • Networking concepts
  • Classifying networks
  • Network models
  • The troubleshooting process

 Physical networks

  • Connection technologies
  • Network devices
  • Copper media
  • Optical media
  • Ethernet standards

 TCP/IP networks

  • IP addressing
  • Core protocols
  • Network ports and applications


  • Switching
  • Routing

 Wireless LANs

  • Wireless networks
  • Wireless LAN standards

 Wide area networks

  • Internet connections
  • WAN infrastructure

 Cybersecurity principles

  • Goals and threats
  • Digital security
  • Transport encryption

 Defending networks

  • Network security components
  • Network authentication systems
  • Hardening networks

 Evolving network technologies

  • Network convergence
  • Virtual and cloud systems

 Network operations

  • Monitoring and optimization
  • Fault tolerance and disaster recovery
  • Incident response

 Network planning

  • Network policy design
  • Network installation
  • Maintenance and upgrades


Course Prerequisites



Test Certification

CompTIA Network+