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TOGAF® Certification

TOGAFThe TOGAF® standard, standard of The Open Group, is the open Enterprise Architecture standard used by the world’s leading organisations to improve business efficiency. The TOGAF®  Certification Program has enabled more than 80,000 Enterprise Architects and trainers around the globe to demonstrate their proven knowledge of the framework.

The TOGAF® 9 Certification for People Program is a market-driven education and certification program. It is designed to accommodate and support the TOGAF® 9.x releases of the standard.

The Open Group announced the release of the TOGAF® Standard, Version 9.2 in April 2018, including updates to the TOGAF® certification program. Please note the following:

  • The certification continues as TOGAF® 9 certification, with two levels as before: TOGAF® 9 Foundation and TOGAF® 9 Certified
  • Individuals who are currently TOGAF® 9 certified remain certified
  • The certification exams are designed to accommodate students studying either to Version 9.1 or 9.2 until November 1st, 2019
  • The Open Book provided with exams will switch to the TOGAF® Standard, Version 9.2 on November 1st 2018 
  • The Open Group Library, which has all new and emerging guides and papers for the TOGAF® standard, Version 9.2 and beyond, is available now to all students

As such there is no difference in TOGAF® certification in the short term.

TOGAF® 9 Professional Certification takes two forms:

  1. TOGAF® 9 Foundation. This provides validation that the candidate has gained knowledge of the terminology and basic concepts of TOGAF® 9 and understands the core principles of Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF® 
  2. TOGAF® 9 Certified. This certification provides validation that in addition to knowledge and comprehension, the candidate is able to analyse and apply knowledge of TOGAF® 

The TOGAF® 9 certification is:

  • Used by the world’s leading enterprises to certify a common body of core knowledge about the methodology and framework
  • A trusted, vendor-neutral, globally recognised and portable credential
  • Valuable in demonstrating to employers and peers your commitment to enterprise architecture as a discipline
  • An outstanding career move and a foundational certification in the career of any enterprise architect

TOGAF® Courses at Global Knowledge:

TOGAF® 9 Level 1 Foundation Course

TOGAF®  9 Level 2 Certified Course

TOGAF®  9 Level 1 and Level 2 Combination Course

For individuals, TOGAF® 9 Certification represents an ideal mechanism for demonstrating knowledge and application of TOGAF® . Being TOGAF®  certified can significantly enhance and affirm your professional skills, improve your prospects for rewarding assignments, accelerate salary and career advancement, and result in greater peer recognition.

Benefits to Organisations:

  1. For organisations, TOGAF® 9 certification provides a vendor-neutral, highly regarded and global benchmark for identifying, assessing and selecting the most qualified individuals for critical roles and responsibilities. Specifying TOGAF®  certified individuals in procurement and project proposals can considerably reduce recruitment time and cost, and result in higher project success rates
  2. TOGAF® 9 certification can help to optimise the staff recruitment and retention process, and motivate staff to acquire this widely recognised industry standard to authenticate their skills and experience with using the TOGAF® standard.
  3. In a marketplace where confidence is a key purchasing factor, suppliers can demonstrate their commitment to open standards, interpretability and proven best practices in enterprise architecture by showing that they use TOGAF®  certified specialists for specific projects. TOGAF® certification is a powerful competitive differentiator that provides your customers with reliable assurance of the skills and capabilities of your IT professionals, and of the quality and interpretability of your products. 


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