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This is how you become an excellent Product Owner

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  • Date: 22 November, 2019

A Product Owner supports the Scrum Team, he makes sure the customer gets what he's asking for and he records the process of the product. How do you execute all these different tasks correctly? In this article, Global Knowledge explains how you can become an excellent Product Owner.

The Product Owner has a challenging role in the Scrum Team. He collaborates with the Scrum Master, represents the customer, is in charge of the Product Backlog and makes sure the team makes progress. An excellent Product Owner is a Jack of All Trades, and that's exactly what makes this role so tricky.

Would you like to grow in your role as Porduct Owner? Do you work in a Scrum Team and are you considering moving into this role? In this article, Global Knowledge explains what it takes for you to become and excellent product owner. Don't worry - if you haven't got these skills, you can develop them in training. You can find the courses we offer in this article as well. 

You have a clear vision on the final product

An excellent Product Owner knows what the final product is going to look like while his team is developing it. He knows because he constantly talks to the different stakeholders and asks for their feedback. During the development process, there are lots of moments where the stakeholders get the opportunity to say so if their initial ideas have changed.

Needless to say - it's key for an excellent Product Owner to know how to communicate. Global Knowledge offers a one-day course: Communicating with Clarity, in which we familiarize you with a communication model you can use in all kinds of different situations. 

You've got the power!

As a Product Owner, you know how to make decisions and your team listens to you, because you've got the power. That's not in the title that you have, but because you've got the final say-so in the project. Of course it's important to get everyone on board, but sometimes tough decisions have to be made.

Need help? Have a look at our Assertive Communication Skills for IT-Professionals training course. In one day, we teach you how to be more assertive in a way that's comfortable, confident and effective. 

You've got the overview

One of the tasks of the Product Owner is maintaining the Product Backlog. In the Product Backlog you can track how the progress of the project is coming along. It's important this Backlog is neat and that it's clear which tasks are important and which tasks have less priority. If something in the project has to be redone - it'll also be logged in the Product Backlog.

Jira is the standard when it comes down to making Product Backlogs. Global Knowledge offers the Atlassian Certified in Agile Development with Jira Software training course. This course is an excellent start if you need more help with making a good Backlog. 

You think about the customer value

The Product Owner maximizes the value for the customer, that's the thing he pays most attention to. The end product has to contain good functionality for the customer - the customer has to receive what he asked for.

During the training course SCRUM Product Owner we teach you how you best represent the wishes of your customer. You get more of an insight in your role as Product Owner during the training course and we teach you how you realize a project of plan.

Did find what you were looking for in this article?

Couldn't find what you were looking for in this article? Because you work with DevOps? Or does your organization work with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)? For these Product Owners Global Knowledge offers training courses too.

Global Knowledge and the DevOps Agile Skills Association offer the Certified DASA DevOps Product Owner training course together. This course takes two days all together. In this course we teach you how to deal with the challenges you'll face when Dev and Ops start collaborating. The training is about Agile and Scrum methods but within the DevOps framework. 

If you are leading an Agile transformation based on the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), the training course Leading SAFe 4.6 is perfect for you. In two days, you'll find out how to work out the transformation in SAFe. And you know what? The exam is already included in the price of the training course.

Need a challenge?

Not challenge enough by the courses in this article? Are you an experienced Product Owner but do you face problems you can't seem to solve? In the training course SCRUM Product Owner Advanced training, you'll find out how you can solve these issues and you'll learn the practical skills you need to face problems head on. Curious?

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