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Unlimited access to training, right on time!

Global Knowledge
  • Date: 29 September, 2020
  • Duration: 1m

Never before has there been a greater need to stay up to date with your skills. While in the past, career switch was mainly out of choice, it’s rapidly becoming a dire necessity in the present. IT is still seen as one of the most promising fields, provided you ensure that you constantly stay up to date. GK Polaris offers the right solution for that!

The labour market has changed considerably in a short time due to the corona crisis. Despite the substantial investments by the government to preserve as many jobs as possible, UWV (The Dutch Employee Insurance Agency) expects the number of unemployment benefits to be higher in 2021 than during the height of the financial crisis. Nevertheless, there are still professions with good job opportunities in these times. For example, there is still plenty of work in IT. A recently published report by UWV shows that the significant increase in people working remotely offers opportunities for IT professionals with knowledge of Cloud applications and security specialists, who can facilitate remote working adequately and securely. In addition, good job opportunities remain open for professionals such as programmers and software developers in various languages and applications, data scientists and so on.

These are fields that are constantly evolving, reinforced by the current economic circumstances. Since the outbreak of the Corona crisis, you can no longer avoid changing along. To bring or keep your knowledge up-to-date, Global Knowledge has a smart solution: GK Polaris. With Polaris, you get unlimited classroom and online trainings for a fixed amount per year.

Global Knowledge has done its homework before offering this plan. We observed the models of Netflix and Spotify, and also got some behind-the-scenes information from Spotify. Equipped with the knowledge, we drew up the Polaris subscription plan, designed to cater to the needs of the hour.

Three subscription options

Polaris offers 3 different plans: Discovery, Launch, and Accelerate.


Discovery is the most complete package. For € 2995 per year, you have unlimited access to the classroom training courses included in the package. The package includes a wide range of trainings: all Microsoft training courses, the most popular AWS training courses, ITIL courses, and trainings in the fields of Scrum, Agile, Python, Business Analysis and soft skills. Plenty of attention is paid to instruction and interaction in all the trainings. You’ll follow training courses that are included in the public schedule , together with others in a virtual classroom under the guidance of a recognized teacher. You do assignments with fellow students in technical labs and receive the same course material as with regular classroom training. This kit is ideal when you’re for preparing for certifications and learning essential skills.


Beginners or professionals who want to move to a new position, need courses to gain basic knowledge and skills in the respective areas. Launch provides unlimited access to the e-learning courses and is the ideal option for such professionals. For only € 89 per year, you get unlimited access to e-learning courses in various areas such as DeveOps, project management and programming. You can learn from anywhere, at any time!

This subscription is available for free to Polaris Discovery customers for a limited period of time!


Accelerate is the third option that will be available soon. It’s ideal for professionals who require high-quality content and exercises but have a limited budget. For € 339, - per year, you get access to recordings of classroom trainings and also to the technical labs used in these training courses. Recordings from the on-demand trainings as well as all the e-learning courses from the Launch subscription are included in this plan.

High flexibility

“Many professionals and organizations want to be able to adapt quickly to rapidly changing market conditions, also influenced by the Corona crisis. By choosing GK Polaris, you can always follow a training course at short notice and continue for one year without separate budget requests. This offers enormous flexibility to our customers”, explains Managing Director Benelux René Lap. He calls the initiative unique and daring in this market. "Nevertheless, professionals can expect the same quality that they are used to from us."

Global Knowledge