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No holidays for the Cloud

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Cloud stands for high availability of data and services. In the coming weeks many of us think of very different things than the technical aspects of cloud. However, most will also use the services offered in the cloud during their holidays. Reading e-mail, watching movies or television or perhaps reading the favorite newspaper. But a number of people will be familiar with the technical aspects that the Microsoft cloud offers in the coming period. 

Do not forget that you are on vacation

Our modern technology enables us to be connected to our company / work 24/7. That does not mean that you have to lead your business or work every minute of the holiday. Certainly not when there are more beautiful and relaxing things to do - enjoy the time to spend with your family!

Leave a few of those calls to your voicemail and respond only when it suits you. Limit how often you check your e-mail. Avoid the temptation to do the work that could wait until you return from vacation. Determine which activities are crucial to keep and keep the business running. It is not known for nothing as the holiday.

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  • M10979, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, STarting Date 03 September, Mechelen
  • GKFB0365, Functioneel beheer Office365, Starting Date 13 August, Mechelen
  • M20347, Enabling & Managing Office 365,Startting Date 03 September, Mechelen
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