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Achieving the Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional certification proves your advanced skills as a senior analyst, in a security operation center (SOC) , incident response, cloud security and other active defence security roles.

As the complexity of cyberattacks continues to increase in size and scale, your organization needs highly qualified personnel to provide security expertise before, during, and after an attack. The demand is greater now than ever before for professionals with the knowledge and skills to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats, manage security incidents, automate security tasks, and secure the sensitive information of your organization.

You will need to pass two exams to achieve this certification. 

Core Exam - Focuses on your knowledge of core cybersecurity operations including cybersecurity fundamentals, techniques, processes, and automation.

Concentration Exam - Focuses on incident response and digital forensics. Incident response is the process of detecting, responding to, and eradicating cyber-attacks. Digital forensics is the collection and examination of digital evidence residing on electronic devices and the subsequent response to threats and attacks. 


There are no formal prerequisites for the CyberOps Professional, but ideally candidates will have three to five years of experience in a cybersecurity environment.

Exams and Recommended Training

 Required Exams Training Courses
Core Requirement
350-201 CBRCORPerforming CyberOps Using Cisco Security Technologies (CBRCOR)
Select the below concentration
300-215 CBRFIRConducting Forensic Analysis and Incident Response Using Cisco Technologies for CyberOps (CBRFIR)

Remember: All professional level exams will also earn you a specialist certification.


Recertification is an important indicator to you and your employer that you have kept up with current technology trends and validated your skills at the rigorous level of the original certification exam. All certifications will have a three-year recertification deadline.

To recertify

  • Pass one technology core exam
  • Pass any two separate professional concentration exams
  • Pass any one expert-level written exam
  • Pass any one expert-level Lab/Practical exam
  • Earn 80 Continuing Education credits
  • Pass any one professional core exam and earn 40 Continuing Education credits

The recertification requirements must be met prior to the certification expiration date. Individuals with expired certifications must repeat the entire certification exam process in order to regain their certification status. Learn more at the Cisco website.