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Software Assurance Training vouchers

'Free' training with Microsoft Software Assurance Training vouchers

What is Microsoft Software Assurance?

Microsoft Software Assurance is a comprehensive package of services which helps you to keep your purchase, deployment, installation, management and maintenance of your software programs simple. By paying an annual fee, participants of the Software Assurance program receive the right for support and free upgrades of Microsoft software.

Free training vouchers

As part of the Microsoft Software Assurance program, you also receive free training vouchers. These Software Assurance Training Vouchers (sometimes abbreviated as SATV's) can be redeemed at a Microsoft Learning Partner for Official Microsoft Curriculum training. Global Knowledge is a Gold Certified Partner for Learning Solutions and selected by Microsoft as their preferred Software Assurance support partner. This means that Global Knowledge is the partner to redeem the vouchers as payment for any technical Microsoft training.

Courses eligible with Software Assurance

You can exchange the training vouchers from the Microsoft Software Assurance program for any official Microsoft course, workshop, seminar or clinic.

One voucher can be redeemed for one day Microsoft technical training in the public schedule (classroom and virtual) at Global Knowledge. You can also use the value of your vouchers as payment for customized technical Microsoft training or On-demand training. Your vouchers cannot be redeemed for Microsoft application courses, fast tracks or training on any non-Microsoft products.

Don't let training days expire

SA Training Vouchers have a limited duration of 180 day after activating them. The vouchers can only be activated during your Microsoft license agreement. Therefore use your vouchers on time! Don’t let valuable training days expire.

Beware when you want to redeem your SA Vouchers!

If you want to redeem your SATV's for a Microsoft Technical training, conditions have changed. On August 22, 2019, Microsoft announced that would it would retire the SATV program. Over a multi-year transition period, the SATV program will be retired and migrated to new training and certification programs designed to better support learners.