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Virtual Classroom

If you can't leave your home or office to follow a training course, it might be a good idea to follow the course via Virtual Classroom. On this webpage, you'll find out how a Virtual Classroom training works.

A Virtual Classroom training course is essentially the same as a traditional classroom training course. The only difference is that you're not present in the classroom - you'll attend the training course from home, via your computer. You still receive the same course material, you're interacting with the other participants and the instructor and you preform the same assessments. Because of that - you've got more flexibility. Because of Virtual Classroom, you're not longer tied to a certain place if you want to attend a training course.

Find out how it works exactly in the video below.

Curious? Book a Virtual Classroom training course

Would you like to attend a Virtual Classroom training course? Check out the full course catalog via the button below. On this page you'll see immediately if you can attend these courses via Virtual Classroom or not.


Benefits Virtual Classroom

Study wherever you want

Virtual Classroom training gives you the opportunity to study wherever you want: at home, in the office or at an alternative location. If you decide to follow Global Knowledge Virtual Classroom training, you're no longer tied to one place when you want to attend a training course.

Enjoy high quality online training because of Global Knowledge' experience

Global Knowledge has extensive experience with Virtual Classroom training. Enjoy the best quality training on the best available digital solutions with Global Knowledge Virtual Classroom. Because of our extensive experience, our instructors know exactly how to get you involved during the training course. Your questions are answered immediately during an online training course - just as you would expect during a classroom course.

Rewind your training online for up to six months

Did you miss something during your course? Every Virtual Classroom participant has access to the recording of their course online for up to six months. In this recording you'll find parts of the training you've missed or you want to see again.

Save time

A Virtual Classroom training saves you time. You won't spend any more time travelling to another training course location. If you attend training at your office - you'll be able to still do your normal work during the breaks in the training course. Wondering if Virtual Classroom technology will work on your operating system? Try it out on this page for free.

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Virtual Classroom

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