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This is new in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

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  • Date: 24 June, 2019

Transparent, accessible and developer-friendly – this is what Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 8 looks like. The message of Red Hat seems clear: Red Hat and Linux are becoming more accessible.

The Open Source-platform launched RHEL 8® in April. This version is developed for the era of the hybrid cloud, Red Hat states.

How is this new version of Red Hat going to make your life easier?


Red Hat has listened to companies that work with DevOps a lot and wants to take pressure of the Operations side of things, Datacenterknowledge writes. That way DevOps-teams can spend more time Developing.

Red Hat Insights

Red had introduces Red Hat Insights® in RHEL 8®. Red Hat Insights® offers pro-active help to customers. Knowledge about analytics is shared, you can identify risks in your infrastructure pro-actively and with real-time remediation you solve potential problems before they turn into actual problems.

Red Hat Smart Management

RHEL 8® is more accessible for end users thanks to Red Hat Smart Management®. Because of this add-on the Red Hat technology becomes less difficult for end users.

Application streams

Languages, frameworks and tools for developers will be often updated via Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® Application Streams, Techzine writes. This is just another way to lower the bar to start working with Red Hat.


The newest version of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® supports the Open SSL 1.1.1 and the TLS 1.3 standard.

RHEL 7.7

For those who are hesitant to start with RHEL 8®, Red Hat has launched RHEL 7.7 beta®. In this upgrade there is support for the newest generation enterprise hardware. RHEL 7® is just going to support productivity in the future and won’t be releasing any new features, ZDNet writes.

The upgrade to RHEL 7.7® might be less significant, the end for it’s releases is near. Red Hat did announce they will keep supporting RHEL 7.7® until at least 2024.

Need more knowledge?

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