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The best preparation for a cyberattack? ECIH-training!

Global Knowledge
  • Date: 29 April, 2019

Belgium is ranked 13th on the list of most cybersecure countries. 13.5 percent of the Belgian computers was infected with Malware at the time British company Comparitech did their research into the most cybersecure countries.

Cybertreats are surrounding us: In March a hacker managed to get into the control room of a Dutch waterwork, Belgium education platform Datacamp got hacked even Citrix wasn’t safe. The impact of a cyber attack is massive – it’ll not only cost you a lot of money, but the reputation of your company is on the line too.

No plan

More than 75 percent of all companies doesn’t have an Incident Handling and Response plan for when things go sideways. On average it takes 214 days before an attack is detected and after the detection it’ll take another 77 days before the attack is stopped and all the repairs are done.

Does your organization has a plan for when the hacker infiltrates?

Prepare yourself!

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, is a good motto to have in mind when it comes down to cyber security. Global Knowledge can help you prepare your business for a potential cyber attack with the new ECIH-training course.

Together we’ll come up with a plan so you’ll be prepared when the hacker comes and you’ll have your organization up and running in no time. Together we’ll dive into Incident Handling – planning, operations and communication. But we also talk about Incident Response, how do you discover and patch a security breach?

More than 50 labs

This three-day-course is based on a detailed Job Task Analysis and contains a structured approach to Incident Handling and Response. The training contains more than 50 labs, 800 tools and 4 operating systems. This training is compliant with the NICE 2.0 and the CREST Framework.

In this training you get all the knowledge you need to prepare an Incident Handling and Response plan for your organisation. Are you ready to get a plan ready?

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