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Kubernetes CKA Professional

This Kubernets CKA Professional course is a Kubernetes Fundamentals and CKA exam theory training.

The training covers the Kubernetes Fundamentals for engineers as defined by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and tested in the CKA exam:

  • based on an understanding of the Kubernetes Architecture
  • in the context of IT development, Microservices, and Cloud-Native so that you, at the end of this course, can start using Kubernetes as Engineer based on understanding, and insight into Kubernetes,

The training is hands-on:

  • every participant has their own bare-metal cluster
  • the training is loaded with exercises and examples (which you carry out yourself), so Kubernetes will be taught by doing, at the level of CKA.

The experiences you gain during the training will give you tools to use Kubernetes in practice and prepares you, for the theoretical part, for the CKA exam.


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