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Global Knowledge is Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year 2019

Global Knowledge
  • Date: 17 June, 2019

Global Knowledge has been recognized as the 2019 Microsoft Learning Partner of the year, Global Knowledge announces today. 'It is a great honor to be working with Microsoft around the world to help our mutual customers build the skills they need for career and organizational success.', Global Knowledge CEO Todd Johnstone says.

Almost 200 students per month

Microsoft granted Global Knowledge the award because of their innovation and excellent implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft-technology. 'Every month about 200 people follow a Microsoft training course at Global Knowledge Belgium', Microsoft business developer Frank van de Laarschot says. 'Customers add value to their organization by taking a course.'


According to Microsoft the winners of the Partner of the Year Awards are trendsetters in their area of expertise. 'They make more possible for customers around the world. I'm honored to congratulate each winner and finalist', Gavriella Schuster, corporate vice-president of Microsoft Corp. says.


The biggest Microsoft-change of the year has impacted the certifications. Microsoft has changed these into role-based certifications. The idea behind this is that role-based certifications are a better match with the role you fulfill at your job. In the past a certification was mainly about the application you were working with. By doing research into roles in the workplace, Microsoft has decided which skills you need to have. 

Still wondering what a role-based certification is? Our business developer Frank van de Laarschot explains it all in this video.

About Global Knowledge

Worldwide leader in technology Global Knowledge helps organizations and employees develop the right knowledge. Our motto is building skills to enable success. To keep up with rapid developing technology, it's important to learn continuously, online as well as in the classroom. We help IT-professionals gain the right skills by supplying training, certifications and assessments. And we don't just give technical training courses - the soft skills are just as important. Global Knowledge makes sure you continue te be succesful. 

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