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This is how you stay focused during your Virtual Classroom

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  • Date: 30 June, 2020

How do you stay focused during a training course in the Virtual Classroom? Global Knowledges' distraction expert gives you tips & tricks in this article.

Let's crack open my brain during a regular morning at the office: Back to Linkedin - oh but wait, there's an e-mail I can read! Oh and I can fill out this survey too, maybe I should scroll through my Twitterfeed for a while too...

To be honest - even as I'm writing this article, I keep being distracted. And it's easy to lose focus these days - the internet is filled with things to distract you from your work.

What were you doing before you got to this page?

The more we want to maintain focus, the more we long for some distraction. Let's be honest - you stared out the window during history lessons too and probably still dream about a quick dip in the pool while being stuck at work on a hot day. Maybe these distractions bother you during an online training course as well.

And that's a shame - because you'd like to make the most out of your training course. How do you keep your focus? As self proclaimed distraction expert (while I was writing this paragraph I looked out the window, had a conversation on Teams and watered my plant), I'll give you tips & tricks in this article.

Turn off your notifications

Make sure your Out-Of-Office reply is on, but also turn off Whatsapp and social alerts off.

Pro-tip: If you really can't help yourself (like the self proclaimed expert), install an app! With apps like Flipd you can block your applications for hours at a time, or use Forest to plant trees. If you've got an iPhone, you can set a screen time limit.

Get some fresh air during your breaks

Working fully focused the entire day - it's something I dream of, but it has yet to happen to me. It helps to go outside if you're doing an activity that requires a lot of focus. By going outside you won't get Zoom fatigue and you give your brain a break from all those impulses.

Ask questions

However enthusiastic your training course instructor might be, you have to be engaged too. Ask questions about the theory - interaction keeps your brain awake and with some extra attention, you'll remember what's discussed in the course easily.

Keep your camera on

Not only does a camera ensure you're in touch with the instructor and the other participants, it's also a great way to make sure you won't dwell and do something else instead. I mean - you try and water your plants without anyone noticing while you have your camera on!


Studying something new takes effort. Make sure you are well rested during and before your training course

Don't go out for drinks on the Sundaynight before your course - obviously, it's tempting to go out for a drink in the summer, but just imagine how nice it'll be to do just that after you've gone through your course? It'll be a treat!

Make sure you're working somewhere quiet

You'll be more focused if you're attending your training course somewhere quiet. Don't attend your course in your living room where your kids are playing or at the office. Make sure you've got a quiet place to tune into your course.

This article is written by Charlotte Boudesteijn. Charlotte is content specialist at Global Knowledge Benelux.

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