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ITIL Old-fashioned and outdated?

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  • Date: 07 December, 2018

Has ITIL become obsolete, old-fashioned and outdated or overtaken by Lean, DevOps and Scrum?

That is what is raised during discussions about methods, techniques and Best Practices. "We no longer need ITIL (or Service Management), because we work 'Agile'". This is quite  a bold statement, because managing/maintaining a service and designing and developing are two different things, which of course are directly related to each other. To show once again that ITIL will not become redundant, but rather a reinforcement in addition to the use of other methods, techniques and Best Practices, there will be a new version of the ITIL publication at the end of 2018/beginning of 2019: ITIL4.

This new publication focuses on the Service Value System and the Service Value Chain. This is therefore a deepening of the previous ITIL publication, which focused on the Service Lifecycle.

Some highlights:

  • More emphasis on services and service relationships
  • Clearer distinction between Sponsor, Customer, User and a newer term 'Consumer
  • Holistic approach through 4 dimensions of Service Management (similar to the 4 P's of Service Design in ITIL edition 2011)
  • 7 Guiding Principles (derived from ITIL Practitioner)
  • Service Value Chain activities combine with DevOps and Scrum
  • Processes as such are no longer recognized. These have become 'Practices'.
  • Still an importance of Continual Improvement

More additional information about ITIL4 soon!

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Karel Hoster

Trainer / Coach / Consultant at Global Knowledge Nederland

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