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"Cloud" as a terminology vanishes

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According to Citrix, the Workspace specialist, the term 'cloud' could have just disappeared from our vocabulary around 2025. For many professionals working with the cloud is already so obvious that the term starts to become superfluous. 42% of the Dutch IT specialists surveyed believe that from 2025 onwards the cloud will no longer be spoken. 14% even think that we are already ready in 2020.

The research, carried out by research agency Censuswide on behalf of Citrix, was set up to map the acceptance of the cloud and the future of the cloud in the business world. A total of 500 IT decision makers participated in the survey. They all work at organizations with at least 250 employees. At the same time, a survey was also conducted among 500 Dutch young people aged 12 to 15 years, to examine how the next generation looks at cloud technology. The study provided a snapshot of the existing cloud strategies in the Netherlands and the extent to which the term 'cloud' is already dying out, as it is increasingly becoming a natural part of the total IT infrastructure.

2025: the cloud is picking up

Of the group of Dutch IT decision-makers who think that the term 'cloud' will become redundant in 2025, more than half (55%) think that we will mainly talk about the functionality that the cloud makes possible, rather than about the cloud. self. 39% think that employees will only have cloud applications, such as Salesforce, by then, but that the question of where the data is by that time will no longer be a topic of discussion.

The extinction of the term 'cloud' is also reflected in the comments of the new generation of workers who will enter the labor market in 2021. Three out of ten (35%) Dutch children between 12 and 15 years old say they have no idea what the computer term 'cloud' means - and of the other group, a third person has no more than a vague concept (spontaneously mentioned: "a computer in the air "). 93% use the term rarely if ever outside the ICT classes at school. Yet the cloud already plays an important role in their lives. 60% of 12- to 15-year-old children in the Netherlands realize that their photos and music are stored in the cloud, while 36% say they use the cloud to share data with friends, such as photos, music or pieces of work for school. 

Current acceptance of the cloud

Three of the five large organizations in the Netherlands (60%) are currently storing more than half of their data in the cloud. This is considerably more than in, for example, France (51%), Germany (45%) or the United Kingdom (38%). Nevertheless, at present, 43% of Dutch companies continue to store and process data on premises. The vast majority (87%) of large Dutch organizations agree that the cloud is important for the business, especially for applications that need to increase productivity.

It remains necessary to bring the benefits of the cloud to the attention of the organization, especially at board level. Almost half (45%) of the Dutch IT decision makers do not consider their own middle management well-informed about the cloud. This percentage is even higher for board members (57%).

On the other hand, the lack of knowledge of the cloud at board level may also be a first indication of the disappearance of the term, as managers and administrators also have to know less and less of all the technical details of this technology. Although the technical understanding of what the cloud is relatively low, organizations do have serious plans for the cloud: 88% has now entered, or is about to start, a cloud strategy. However, many of these plans are still at a fairly early stage. Only 40 percent mention their own plans in a very detailed and well-geared manner to business objectives.

Caring about safety

Safety remains a concern, especially when it comes to the public and hybrid cloud. 32% of Dutch IT decision makers have little or no confidence that the data of the organization is safe in a public cloud. 28% also have doubts about hybrid cloud solutions.

Confidence in private cloud solutions is greater: 86% of Dutch IT decision makers have reasonable or even much confidence in this. It is therefore not surprising that private cloud is the most commonly used model in the Netherlands: 64% of large Dutch companies already use a private cloud model. A third (33%) currently opts for public cloud and more than a quarter (28%) already use hybrid cloud models.


About Citrix

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