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Intermediate Social Engineering Attack and Counter Course

  • Course Code SOCENG-1
  • Duration 2 days

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Course Overview

In the world today people are trying to deal with an increase of information overload and digital innovations that are being developed faster than ever before. This environment makes it even more easier for manipulative human- hackers to mislead their targets. In the Cyber security that is called social engineering. At least 70% of the initial entry in Advanced Persistent Threats(APT) are successful because of social engineering. The techniques of a social engineer relay heavily on human interaction. It often involves persuading people into breaking security procedures. Making the human factor a protection- shield instead of a big vulnerability remains one of the biggest challenges in cyber security.

De Intermediary Social engineering Attack & Counter Course (ISACC) offers the student the chance to learn how a social engineer thinks. After the understanding phase, we focus on tackling the attack venue of the social engineer. During the course, the student will reach a good level of resilience and is able to advise co-workers on how to counter social engineering. 

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Target Audience

Professionals who are not afraid to reflect on actionable psychology of the human factor and want to invest in its resilience against social engineering. The professional is intrinsically motivated to work on the resilience of co- workers and one’s own organisation.

Course Objectives

  • Identify and understand the role of social engineering in cyber attacks.
  • Knowledge of universal thinking strategies that people use and the manipulation of it.
  • Understanding and countering advanced social engineering techniques.

Course Content


Unit 1) Universal thinking- strategies and the manipulation of thinking- strategies, how does social engineering works and why does it work.
Unit 2) Pre- texting, preparing and execute the art of false pretence
Unit.3) Seduction, misleading and advanced rapport building techniques.
Unit 4) Countering attacks of a social engineer. This training uses professional feedback- actors.


Course Prerequisites

The student needs an advanced knowledge of the basic elements in cybersecurity. The student is intrinsically motivated to reflect and understand the human factor in security.

Test Certification

Certificate of participation

Follow on Courses

Advanced Social engineering Counter- Attack Course (ASCAC). Use the skill- set at a ‘mind blowing’ location in real life scenario’s!
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