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SCRUM Master & Exam

  • Kursuskode SCRUM-M
  • Varighed 2 dage


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The application of Scrum for software development is increasing rapidly. Many organizations are considering applying or already using Scrum. Scrum is also increasingly used outside of ICT. Many available tools and Scrum training courses focus on the theory of Scrum and only to a lesser extent on the application. This while 'the power of Scrum' lies precisely in its simple picking up and application. This Scrum Master course therefore offers you the opportunity to link theory and practice.

During this two-day Scrum Master training you will learn everything about working as a Scrum Master and / or Scrum team member. In addition to a piece of theory about the basic concepts of Scrum, the training offers various tools and exercises to apply Scrum directly in practice. The training also prepares you for the Scrum Master exam to obtain the Professional Scrum Master certification from (PSM I). This exam is included in the price.

Virtuel deltagelse

Et V&C Select kursus indholder nøjagtig det samme som et almindeligt kursus. Før kursusstart modtager man kursusmaterialet. Dernæst logger man på kurset via internettet og ser via sin pc den selvsamme præsentation som de øvrige deltagere, man kommunikerer via chat med underviseren og de øvrige deltagere på kurset. Denne uddannelsesmodel er både tids-og omkostningsbesparende og kan være et oplagt alternativ til almindelig klasseundervisning, hvis man f.eks. har et begrænset rejsebudget.


    • Leveringsmetode: Åbent kursus (Virtuelt)
    • Dato: 17-18 oktober, 2024
    • Kursussted: Virtual
    • Sprog: engelsk


    • Leveringsmetode: Åbent kursus (Virtuelt)
    • Dato: 02-03 december, 2024
    • Kursussted: Virtual
    • Sprog: engelsk




This Scrum training is suitable for Project managers, Team leaders, IT / Development managers, Product managers, Test managers, Business analysts, Architects, Developers and Testers who are interested in applying Scrum to create maximum added value and improved customer and employee satisfaction.


Kursets formål


At the end of the class, you would:

  • Be familiar with the agile philosophy: method of managment, planning, division of roles, and communication.
  • Know the way Scrum works.
  • Be able to maintain the agile principles within your organisation. 


  • Why Agile?
  • Basic principles SCRUM (Roles, Events, Backlogs and rules)
  • The Scrum Master role
  • How do you create an initial Product Backlog?
  • How do you keep your Product Backlog up to date?
  • How to best organize Scrum teams.
  • How to create, prioritize and estimate User stories for the product backlog.
  • How do you monitor progress?
  • How do you monitor quality?
  • How do you implement Scrum in an organization?
  • The role of management in a company, driven by self-organizing teams
  • How one can help new and experienced teams to be more successful.
  • How to scale Scrum to larger international projects.
  • Preparation PSM I (Professional Scrum Master I assessment)



To obtain the Professional Scrum Master certification (PSM I), all participants must successfully pass the online certification exam after completing the training. This exam is in English and is included in the price.

Mere information


Note: This training has a lot of overlap (about 80%) with the following training sessions:

  • SCRUM-F, Agile - Scrum Foundation
  • SCRUM-PO, Scrum Product Owner
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