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Build DevOps skills to meet demands

The ability to ship applications to market faster in order to maintain a competitive edge is what companies today need. A growing number of organizations continue to adopt DevOps practices to help deliver software faster, with more reliability and fewer errors.

How do you get there? A deep understanding of DevOps best practices helps teams come together, from developers to operations and even the IT security teams. Foundational knowledge, core processes, and imperative technical tools are what helps to accelerate a DevOps environment. At Global Knowledge, we’ve taken this concept to create a unique DevOps training curriculum that will help organizations adopt this emerging methodology and apply it to their day-to-day environment.

DevOps webinar

The Essence of DevOps: What it Can Mean for You and Your Organization

After watching this webinar, you’ll understand the essence of DevOps, including what it is, the business value, common myths, and be provided steps on how to gauge your organization’s readiness for adoption.

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DevOps Glossary of Terms

Regardless of your role in an organization, this glossary of DevOps terms was compiled for everyone from the DevOps Engineer to the general end-user. Here, you’ll find definitions of terms commonly used in a DevOps environment. Uncover knowledge areas where you excel and where you want to expand.

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DevOps Certification Track

View our DevOps certification track to decide which of our DevOps offerings is the best for you to follow.

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DevOps Myths

Find out the Myths about DevOps in this short video from Global Knowledge's Global Product Director Barry Corless

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Importance of Devops

New research highlights growing importance of DevOps

A major study new has concluded that DevOps and machine learning are the two most important trends in the software industry today.

Now in its eighth year, the Annual Developer Survey undertaken by Stack Overflow questioned a massive 100,000 developers and the results make for very interesting reading.

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