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Cisco NCS 2000 Series Deploying 96-Channel

  • Kursuskode OPT201
  • Varighed 3 dage

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  • CLC 35

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The Cisco NCS 2000 Deploying 96 Channel FlexSpectrum Release 10.5 Version 1 is an Instructor-led course offered by Cisco Learning Services. It covers the Cisco Network Convergence System (NCS) 2000 Series with FlexSpectrum system.


    • Leveringsmetode: Åbent kursus
    • Dato: 13-15 juli, 2020
    • Kursussted: Virtual Classroom
    • Sprog: EN


    • Leveringsmetode: Åbent kursus
    • Dato: 22-24 september, 2020
    • Kursussted: Virtual Classroom
    • Sprog: EN




This course is designed for technical professionals who need to know how to deploy a Cisco NCS 2000 Series DWDM network with FlexSpectrum.


Kursets formål


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the route and select principle
  • Successfully run the Cisco Transport provisioning tool and design simple FlexSpectrum networks
  • Connect to and set up a FlexSpectrum node using the Cisco Transport Planner tool outputCreate simple DWDM circuits that traverse the FlexSpectrum network and trace the power from beginning to end
  • Configure the 10 x 10 card for five individual transponders and appropriate G.709 options
  • Understand and install the provisionable patch cord (PPC) association between transponder ports and theDWDM MUX and DMX ports, and install optical channel client connections
  • Describe the major features of the Cisco NCS2000 EDFA17/24 and EDRA17/24 amplifiers
  • Understand the difference between colored ports, colorless ports, and colorless applications
  • Install 40 Gigabit Ethernet transponder circuits on colorless ports and change the wavelength without the need to move fiber jumpers
  • Understand the concept of omnidirectional add-drop and the contentionless feature
  • Create 100 Gigabit Ethernet circuit into a node on a wavelength that already exists on the omnidirectional add-drop section
  • Install the cross-connect options for nodes with up to 12 sides, including colorless and omnidirectional and contentionless add-drop
  • Conduct maintenance and performance-monitoring tasks
  • Troubleshoot the 96-channel FlexSpectrum system



Course Outline

  •  Module 1: NCS 2000 FlexSpectrum Product Fundamentals
  • Module 2: Shelf Layout and Software
  • Module 3: Documentation
  • Module 4: Cisco Transport Controller
  • Module 5: Cisco Transport Planner
  • Module 6: Shelf and Card Installation
  • Module 7: MultiShelf Fundamentals
  • Module 8: Node Turn-Up
  • Module 9: Ring Network
  • Module 10: Optical Channel Network Connection
  • Module 11: 10 x 10 card and 10G Muxponders and Transponder
  • Module 12: Optical Channel Client Connection
  • Module 13: 40, 100, and 200 Gigabit Ethernet Transponders and Muxponders
  • Module 14: Two-Degree ROADM
  • Module 15: Colorless and Contentionless Add/Drop
  • Module 16: Mesh Network and MPO Cross-Connects for Complex Nodes
  • Module 17: Omnidirectional, Colorless, and Contentionless Add/Drop for Complex Nodes
  • Module 18: Maintenance and Performance Monitoring
  • Module 19: NCS 2000 Troubleshooting

Lab Outline

  • Lab 1: Start the Cisco Transport Controller software and access the NCS shelves
  • Lab 2: Configure the Cisco Transport Planner and create FlexSpectrum networks
  • Lab 3: Setup the three-node FlexSpectrum network
  • Lab 4: Install optical-channel network circuits and inspect power levels
  • Lab 5: Optical Channel Client Connections
  • Lab 6: Install 40 Gigabit Ethernet transponders on colorless ports and change the wavelength
  • Lab 7: Install circuits into omnidirectional contentionless add/drop
  • Lab 8: Explore maintenance and performance monitoring capabilities
  • Lab 9: Troubleshooting FlexSpectrum



The prerequisite for this course is the Cisco Fundamentals of Fiber Optics Technology (FFOT) video training.


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