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Sales Leadership

  • Kursuskode GSL100E
  • Varighed 1 Dag

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Sales leaders are charged with the important task of motivating their sales teams and making sure that the sales professionals who they lead have the knowledge, skills and resources required to successfully sell their company’s products and services. The challenge is that sales leaders are continually managing multiple priorities and often find it difficult to find the time required to support their sales teams in a way that delivers maximum value. They must be able to prioritize their sales management activities and focus their efforts on leading both at a team and individual level.

The Sales Leadership 1-day workshop provides sales leaders with the skills and knowledge required to properly manage their time and provide the high-value support required to contribute towards team performance and individual performance. It helps sales managers establish realistic and sustainable routines that include the right sales management practices, and teaches them how to execute those activities effectively.

Benefits for the Individual

  • Creates sustainable and effective routines
  • Focuses you on high-return activities
  • Improves sales team results
  • Improves sales team engagement

Benefits for the Organization

  • Increase sales results
  • Increases overall sales team engagement




Current and Future Sales Managers

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What You’ll Learn:

• Aligning your goals and priorities

• Balancing team and individual engagement and enablement activities

• Developing realistic and sustainable weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual sales management best practices

• Maximizing team and individual communication

• Running effective sales meetings

• Providing results-based and behavioural feedback


There are no pre-requisites for this course

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