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All Cisco certifications valid for another six months

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Cisco has extended the validation of all Cisco certifications with another six months, counting from March 16th. This means that even though the Cisco certification program has changed, your certification will still be valid for another six months.

Because of the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, a lot of people currently aren't able to come in and renew their certification. Because of this, Cisco has extended their certifications, starting March 16th.

The extension applies to all certifications. If you've got a Pearon Vue voucher, this voucher is extended with six months too. All the terms and conditions that apply to this decision you can read on this Cisco webpage.

Six months extra

So how does it work exactly? If your certification would have expired on March 16th, you've now gotten another six months to get a new certification or to recertify. You also get the extension when your certification becomes invalid on May 1st for example - your certification will be valid until November 1st if this is the case.

You don't have to wait until after the Coronacrisis is over to pass your exam - a lot of exams are available to take at home. Reach out to our exam desk for more information about this.

Need more information about the new Cisco certifications?

By clicking the button below, you'll get to the page where we've collected all the information about the new Cisco certifications. Curious?


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