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ITIL® 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy + examen

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De ITIL® 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy (DITS) training biedt richtlijnen over hoe strategie van invloed moet zijn op het design, delivery en support van services in het gehele service value chain van een organisatie.

Deze cursus tilt de discussie rond ITIL-concepten naar een bedrijfsstrategieniveau, door IT- en digitale leiders in staat te stellen strategische zakelijke beslissingen te beïnvloeden en te sturen. Dit door een geschikte digitale strategie te creëren die is afgestemd op de bredere organisatie-overkoepelende doelen. Deze ITIL-training is daarom gericht op IT- en bedrijfsdirecteuren, afdelingshoofden, aankomende C-Suite professionals en andere senior bedrijfsleiders die een organisatie strategisch willen positioneren ten opzichte van digital disruptors, een digitale visie willen ontwikkelen en een robuuste digitale strategie willen bouwen voor groei op lange termijn.

De deelnemers zullen uitgebreide kennis opdoen over hoe en wanneer technologische innovatie kan bijdragen tot organisatorisch succes en wanneer het onnodige lagen van complexiteit en risico's kan toevoegen, zodat ze in staat zijn om legacy effectief in evenwicht te brengen met nieuwe manieren van werken.


The ITIL® 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy (DITS) training provides guidance on how strategy should impact the design, delivery, and support of services throughout the service value chain of an organisation.

This course elevates the discussion around ITIL concepts to a corporate strategy level, by enabling IT and digital leaders to influence and drive strategic business decisions, by creating an appropriate digital strategy aligned to the wider cross-organisational goals. This ITIL training is therefore aimed towards IT and business directors, heads of department, aspiring C-Suite professionals and other senior business leaders who want to strategically position an organisation against digital disruptors, craft a digital vision and build a robust digital strategy for long term growth.

Candidates will gain extensive knowledge on how and when technological innovation can help drive organisational success, and when it can add unnecessary layers of complexity and risk, enabling them to balance legacy with new ways of working effectively.

ITIL® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

    • Methode: Klassikale training
    • Datum: 14-16 september, 2022
    • Locatie: Nieuwegein NBC (Blokhoeve 1)


    • Methode: Virtueel leren
    • Datum: 17-19 oktober, 2022
    • Locatie: Virtueel-en-klassikaal


    • Methode: Klassikale training
    • Datum: 17-19 oktober, 2022
    • Locatie: Mechelen (Battelsesteenweg 455-B)
    • Taal: EN
    • Methode: Virtueel leren
    • Datum: 14-16 december, 2022
    • Locatie: Virtueel-en-klassikaal



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  • IT and business directors
  • Heads of department
  • Aspiring C-Suite professionals
  • Other senior business leaders across the organization.


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  • Demonstrate the use of the ITIL guiding principles in Digital and IT Strategy decisions and activities 
  • Understand how to leverage digital strategy to react to digital disruption 
  • Understand the relationship between the concepts of Digital and IT Strategy, the service value system and the service value chain, and explain how to utilize them to create value
  • Understand how an organization uses Digital and IT Strategy to remain viable in environments disrupted by digital technology
  • Understand strategic approaches made possible by digital and information technology to achieve customer/market relevance and operational excellence
  • Understand the risks and opportunities of Digital and IT Strategy
  • Understand the steps and techniques involved in defining and advocating for a Digital and IT Strategy 
  • Understand how to implement a Digital and IT Strategy

Inhoud training

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  • Guiding principles and DITS
  • Why Digital Transformation
  • Key Concepts
  • DITS in disrupted industries
  • Strategic approaches
  • Risks
  • Defining a Digital Strategy
  • Implementing a Digital Strategy


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Candidates must hold the ITIL 4 Foundation certificate. In addition, the ITIL 4 Leader modules require a minimum of three years of IT managerial experience.

Aanbevolen vereisten:

This course prepares delegates for the ITIL Strategic Leader: Digital and IT Strategy examination and is one of the two modules that lead to the award of ITIL 4 Strategic Leader (SL) status.

For the ITIL ® 4 Digital and IT Strategy certification, there are two forms of assessment:

  • Practical case study assignments; The case study assignments are covered and graded in the training session.
  • Multiple-choice question exam; his is taken subsequent to the training course

A candidate must successfully pass both the case study assignments and the Multipe Choice Exam to achieve the certification.

The exam fee is included.