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Global Knowledge always shares all her knowledge. That is why we are happy to give you some input on the theme "DevOps".


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Whitepaper: "DevOps is the missing piece for businesses that demand Change"

If you are involved in development projects, managing releases or working to keep operations running, you are well positioned to leverage the knowledge of DevOps. Are you a developer trying to keep pace with business demand for innovative solutions? Or are you in IT Operations—dealing as best you can with the technical backlog of “fixes,” but unable to get out of firefighting mode? DevOps works to address these real-life challenges. It’s also an area where CIOs recognize there’s a large skill gap for DevOps professionals.

This white paper will bring you up to speed on what DevOps is, how it can help IT deliver value to the business, and position the IT organization to keep up with business demand for change.