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ITIL® 4 Foundation (2-days) + examen

  • Code training ILFN4-2
  • Duur 2 dagen

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  • Klassikale training

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  • Op locatie klant

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  • Virtueel leren

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Tijdens deze 2-daagse ITIL® 4 Foundation cursus leert de deelnemer begrippen als Service Value System, de Service Value Chain en de ITIL® ‘Guiding Principles’. Ook wordt er ruime aandacht besteed aan 15 Practices (of zoals ze in de vorige ITIL edities genoemd werden: de processen). Na het volgen van deze training is de deelnemer in staat om het ITIL® 4 Foundation examen te maken en kan de deelnemer een bijdrage leveren aan de verdere professionalisering van de eigen (IT) organisatie.

Deze cursus is uitermate geschikt voor een ieder welke al ervaring heeft met ITIL en het examen via deze kortere route wil behalen. Voor meer diepgang en voor deelnemers zonder enige ITIL ervaring raden wij de 3-daags ITIL4 Foundation aan.

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    • Methode: Virtueel leren
    • Datum: 11-12 mei, 2023


    • Locatie: Virtueel-en-klassikaal


    • Methode: Virtueel leren
    • Datum: 22-23 juni, 2023
    • Locatie: Virtueel-en-klassikaal


    • Methode: Klassikale training
    • Datum: 22-23 juni, 2023
    • Locatie: Groningen (Groningerweg 19)


    • Methode: Klassikale training
    • Datum: 06-07 juli, 2023
    • Locatie: Amsterdam ARISTO (Teleportboulevard 100)



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This course is aimed at all levels of IT professional and those involved in designing, building, delivering and managing modern digital products and services.


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The course will help students to understand:

  • Key IT service management concepts
  • How ITIL® guiding principles can help and organization to adopt and adapt service management 
  • The 4 dimensions of service management
  • The purpose and components of the service value system
  • The activities of the service value chain and how the interconnect
  • Know the purpose of key ITIL® practices
  • Preparation to sit the ITIL® 4 foundation examination

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  • IT Service Management definitions; Service, Utility, Warranty, Customer, User, Service management, Sponsor
  • Key concepts of value creation
  • Key concepts of service relationships; service offering; service provision; service consumption; service relationship management
  • The nature, use and interaction of 7 ITIL® guiding principles; Focus on value; Start where you are; Progress iteratively with feedback; Collaborate and promote visibility; Think and work holistically; Keep it simple and practical; Optimize and automate
  • The 4 dimensions of service management; Organizations and people; Information and technology; Partners and suppliers; Value streams and processes   
  • The ITIL® service value system
  • The service value chain, its inputs and outputs, and its role in supporting value streams
  • Service value chain elements; Plan, Improve, Engage, Design & transition, Obtain / Build, Deliver & support
  • Detail of how the following ITIL® practices support the service value chain: -  Continual Improvement (including continual improvement model); Change enablement; Incident management; Problem Management; Service request management;  Service desk; Service level management
  • The purpose of the following ITIL® practices: - Information security management; Relationship management; Supplier management; Availability management;  Service configuration management; IT asset management; Business analysis; Deployment management; Monitoring and event management; Release management  


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This course is extremely suitable for anyone who already has experience with ITIL and wants to pass the exam via this shorter route. For more in-depth training and for participants without any ITIL experience, we recommend the 3-day ITIL® 4 Foundation course.

An exam voucher is included in the course price. Do you prefer also an exam training? If so, we recommend 3-day ITIL® 4 Foundation course instead.

The “ITIL® 4 Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management” is a pre-requisite for other ITIL® 4 qualifications.  The examination is a 1 hour, closed book, multiple choice paper of 40 questions taken at the end of day 3 of the course.  The pass mark is 65% (26 out of 40) 



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