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E-Learning: E-learning: GDPR Prep Online Bundle (CIPM-EL)

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  • Privacy Program Management Online Training
  • CIPM Certification Exam
  • Sample Questions
  • Privacy Program Management: Tools for Managing Privacy Within Your Organization, Second Edition (Electronic Copy)
  • 1 year Complimentary IAPP Membership


Privacy Program Management is the how-to training on implementing a privacy program framework, managing the privacy program operational lifecycle and structuring a knowledgeable, high-performing privacy team- regardless of jurisdiction or industry.

Chock-full of rich imagery, video, and text, the training is a robust, self-paced course. It incorporates IAPP faculty presentations, interactive scenarios, and annotated quizzes to guide you through privacy program management in an easy-to-follow, thorough format.


The training comprises 10 modules, which take a total of approximately 10 hours to complete (one hour per module).

The course offers learners an opportunity to learn about critical privacy concepts that are also integral to the CIPM exam. It is not purely a "test prep" course, nor does taking the training guarantee you'll pass your exam.

It's appropriate for professionals who plan to certify, as well for those who want to deepen their privacy knowledge.

Give yourself the best chance of passing an exam by studying for at least 30 hours.

As the IAPP training team revises or adds to the course content, your purchase will be automatically updated to reflect these changes.

Unlimited access to interactive online training, complete with video, scenarios and full transcripts that you can review at your own pace with an Internet connection. 

  • Instruction based on the Body of Knowledge for the globally recognized Certified Information Privacy Professional/Management (CIPM) credential 
  • Sought-after skills you can start applying right away
  • Know-how you need to advance your career




Module 1, Introduction to privacy Program Management

  • Identifies privacy program management responsibilities, and describes the role of accountability in privacy program management.

Module 2, Privacy governance

  • Examines considerations for developing and implementing a privacy program, including the position of the privacy function within the organization, role of the DPO, program scope and charter, privacy strategy, support and ongoing involvement of key functions and privacy frameworks.

Module 3, Applicable laws and regulations

  • Discusses the regulatory environment, common elements across jurisdictions and strategies for aligning compliance with organizational strategy.

Module 4, Data Assessments

  • Relates practical processes for creating and using data inventories/maps, gap analyses, privacy assessments, privacy impact assessments/data protection impact assessments and vendor assessments.

Module 5, Policies

  • Describes common types of privacy-related policies, outlines components and offers strategies for implementation.

Module 6, Data subject rights

  • Discusses operational considerations for communicating and ensuring data subject rights, including privacy notice, choice and consent, access and rectification, data portability, and erasure and the right to be forgotten.

Module 7, Training and awareness

  • Outlines strategies for developing and implementing privacy training and awareness programs.

Module 8, Protecting personal information

  • Examines a holistic approach to protecting personal information through Privacy by Design.

Module 9, Data breach incident plans

  • Provides guidance on planning for and responding to a data security incident or breach.

Module 10, Measuring, Monitoring and Auditing program performance

  • Relates common practices for monitoring, measuring, analyzing and auditing privacy program performance.
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