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Administering Avaya Aura System Manager

  • Course Code 20130
  • Duration 5 days

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Course Overview

This 5 day Instructor Led offer is designed for individuals responsible for administering Avaya Aura® 8.0. Delivered in a virtual classroom setting with remote access to lab equipment, this offer consists of a combination of interactive instructor lectures followed by practical lab exercises.

Course Schedule

    • Delivery Format: Virtual Learning
    • Date: 19-23 June, 2022
    • Location: Virtual
    • Delivery Format: Virtual Learning
    • Date: 14-18 August, 2022
    • Location: Virtual
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    • Delivery Format: Virtual Learning
    • Date: 19-23 September, 2022
    • Location: Virtual


    • Delivery Format: Virtual Learning
    • Date: 09-13 October, 2022
    • Location: Virtual
    • Delivery Format: Virtual Learning
    • Date: 21-25 November, 2022
    • Location: Virtual


Target Audience

 This course offer is part of the Avaya Solutions Administrator and Developer Certificate Program.  This program is designed for the roles of Administrators and Developers.

Course Objectives


This course will focus on the tasks to administer Avaya Aura® 8.0 release including:

  • Log into Avaya Aura® System Manager (SMGR)
  • Change the administrative password, and administer security policies and view active sessions
  • Describe the use of the SMGR License Server
  • Add System Manager users
  • Editing System Manager users
  • Adding Groups and Roles
  • Describe LDAP integration with SMGR
  • Describe the process to define an Avaya Aura® Session Manager SIP Entity
  • Describe the process to define a Session Manager SIP Instance
  • Identify the steps to create a Communications Profile for a user
  • Identify the steps for registering a SIP Client
  • Add and synchronize Avaya Aura® Communication Manager (CM) to SMGR
  • Add Avaya Aura® Media Server to CM and SMGR
  • Add CM stations to Communication Manager
  • Identify the key routing components required for building Session Manager routing policies
  • Route a call from Session Manager to CM
  • Add off PBX stations in CM
  • Define and assign a Class of Restriction (COR) and Class of Restriction (COS) to a Communication Manager object
  • Describe other features available on CM
  • Create Backups
  • Restart SMGR Elements
  • Troubleshoot common problems
  • Access reports and logs and alarms available on SMGR