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CQure Academy Training Courses

CQURE is a provider of specialized cybersecurity services via their consulting (CQURE Consulting) and training (CQURE Academy) organizations. CQURE’s focus is on topics such as  securing IT resources, advanced and customized penetration tests, forensics, controlled cybersecurity attacks, security awareness programs, sessions for organizations and top management, IT infrastructure security consulting and other advisory services..  

CQURE Academy provides a cybersecurity training program, that consists of over 40 high-quality technical training courses that offer both skills and certification to specialists. CQURE Experts are recognized internationally and will frequently be guest speakers at Cybersecurity and Microsoft events. CQURE’s subject matter experts engage in multiple cybersecurity projects, that invaluable experience is then incorporated into the classroom. CQURE Academy’s  R&D team is well known in the cybersecurity field and Global Knowledge are delighted to bring their portfolio to market.