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Hybrid Cloud, Distributed Cloud and Edge Computing

This Hybrid Cloud, Distributed Cloud and Edge Computing training will help you to migrate to the Cloud safely and explains the latest trends in Cloud Computing.

Some companies are reluctant to make the move to the Cloud. The benefits and the maturity of the CSPs (Cloud Service Providers) are increasing while the difficulties and dangers of maintaining your own IT are getting bigger. In comparison to a few years ago compliance to rules and regulations by the CSPs (like PCI/DSS or GDPR) has improved considerably. Another thing: location is important, especially with the rise of IoT, edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) and everybody working from home. Edge Computing will play an important role in Cloud Computing. It is important your CSP offers Points of Presence (PoP) as close as possible to the end-user.

This training is also part of the 5-day Masterclass Digital Transformation (GKMDT).


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