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Professional Cloud Service Manager

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In an increasingly interconnected and complex IT environment, IT management is under pressure to deliver more agile IT services and adapt to change. Organizations are adopting strategies that include cloud computing in order to meet these challenges and offer repeatable, flexible and scalable services. Service management professionals are challenged to help organizations optimally ensure measurable service delivery and management in cloud environments.This course enables you to design and deliver cloud services. The course materials include comprehensive reference materials that help you continue the educational experience after the course. This course prepares you for the Professional Cloud Service Manager (PCSM) exam provided by the Cloud Credential Council. The Cloud Service Manager course is endorsed, recognized and supported by several key technology vendors and Standards bodies.  The cost of the examvoucher is € 300,00 and is not included in the courseprice.

    • Methode: Virtueel leren
    • Datum: 27-29 maart, 2023


    • Locatie: Virtueel-en-klassikaal
    • Taal: Engels



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IT managers, CIOs, service managers (with or without an ITIL® background), service management professionals, cloud strategy and management consultants, service architects, technical pre-sales consultants and IT professionals.


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During this course you will learn:

  • Cloud service management terminology, definitions, and concepts
  • Basic terminology related to cloud service management
  • Analyze an organization's strategic assets and capabilities to successfully design, deploy, and run cloud services
  • Important roles involved in cloud service management
  • Relationship between cloud provider and cloud consumer
  • Potential risks and benefits of adopting a cloud strategy
  • Produce an initial cloud adoption strategy
  • Illustrate the benefits and drive the adoption of cloud-based services within an organization
  • Identify strategies to reduce risk and remove issues associated with the adoption of cloud computing and cloud-based services
  • Analyze the impact of demand and how to "right-size" cloud services at the design stage
  • What a cloud marketplace is and differentiate between the consumer's and provider's perspective of a cloud marketplace
  • Effective demand management across cloud-based service models
  • Benefits, risks and issues of DevOps within an IT organization
  • Appropriate structures for designing, deploying, and running cloud-based services within traditional IT organizations
  • Various pricing models for cloud services
  • Challenges with purchasing cloud-based services
  • A hybrid IT cost model
  • Key governance requirements of cloud service provision
  • Cloud service management principles into ICT operations and IT service management
  • Link cloud value back to IT strategy
  • IT frameworks and standards
  • Complexities involved in designing, deploying, and running cloud services
  • Compare and contrast cloud service management with traditional IT service management in the existing IT organization

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Suppliers, Brokers, and Carrier Management

  • Critical impacts of cloud computing on the service management role
  • Consequences of multi-tenancy models on service provision

Cloud Service Strategy

  • Subscription models and other unique financial features of cloud computing
  • Impact of incorporating cloud elements into a mixed-enterprise service portfolio

Federated Cloud Service Desk

  • The impact for consumer, provider and intermediary of operating a cloud service desk as part of a multi-layered end-to-end support function
  • Impacts of federated cloud service desk management as it applies to SaaS, PaaS and IaaS deployment models

Cloud Asset Transition Management

  • Key stages of the cloud asset management life cycle
  • Sage patterns of assets in a given scenario

Cloud Ecosystem Management

  • Examine cloud computing as part of the wider global landscape so that you can incorporate the wider ecosystem perspective in your role
  • Explains the wider impact of cloud computing models on global business and IT
  • Governance requirements of service provision in a cloud environment (data, policy and purchasing)

Service Design, Project Management, Provisioning, Assurance, Reporting, Redefinition and Retirement, Capacity Planning, Deployment and Chargeback

  • Project management principles to managing virtualization of applications
  • Service management process lifecycle stages with example scenarios
  • Service delivery responses and strategies

Cloud Tiers and Service Management Availability

  • Availability tiers for the main defined cloud environments
  • Maintenance strategies for multi-tenancy clouds that are appropriate to multiple levels of service provision

Distributed and Federated SLA

  • Key features of provider relationship management with different types of cloud SLAs
  • Service strategies across a distributed cloud scenario to ensure consistent provision in accordance to SLAs

Cost of Quality, Acquistion, Transition, and Operation in Cloud

  • Cost in a service transition and transformation situations
  • Priorities at the key stages of the transition and transformation processes


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Attendees should meet the following prerequisites:

  • Hold the Cloud Technology Associate Certification (or its equivalent.
  •  ITIL Certification or IT Service Management best practices experience.

Recommended as preparation for the following exam:

  • PCSM - Professional Cloud Service Manager Exam


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