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Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty

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The AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty exam validates your ability to design, implement, deploy, and maintain Machine Learning (ML) solutions for given business problems. Join this half-day, intermediate-level training to learn how to prepare for the exam by exploring the exam’s topic areas including data engineering, exploratory data analysis, modeling, and machine learning implementation and operations. The course reviews how to interpret exam questions in each topic area and teaches you how to apply the concepts being tested so that you can more easily eliminate incorrect responses.
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    • Datum: 19 augustus, 2022
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    • Datum: 18 november, 2022
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This course is intended for:

Machine learning practitioners who are preparing to take the AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty exam


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This course is designed to teach you how to:

  • Navigate the logistics of the examination process
  • Understand the exam structure and question types
  • Identify how questions relate to AWS Machine Learning concepts
  • Interpret the concepts being tested by the exam question
  • Allocate your time studying for the AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty exam

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Module 1: Exam overview and test-taking strategies

  • Exam overview, logistics, scoring, and user interface
  • Question mechanics and design
  • Test-taking strategies

Module 2: Data engineering

  • Data repositories for machine learning
  • Identify and implement a data-ingestion solution
  • Identify and implement a data-transformation solution
  • Walkthrough questions
  • Quiz

Module 3: Exploratory data analysis

  • Sanitize and prepare data for modeling
  • Perform featuring engineering
  • Analyze and visualize data for machine learning
  • Walkthrough questions
  • Quiz

Module 4: Modeling

  • Frame business problems as machine learning problems
  • Select the appropriate model(s) for a given machine learning problem
  • Train machine learning models
  • Perform hyperparameter optimization
  • Evaluate machine learning models
  • Walkthrough questions
  • Quiz

Module 5: Machine learning implementation and operations

  • Build machine learning solutions for performance, availability, scalability, resiliency, and fault tolerance
  • Recommend and implement the appropriate machine learning services and features for a given problem
  • Apply basic AWS security practices to machine learning solutions
  • Deploy and operationalize machine learning solutions
  • Walkthrough questions
  • Quiz

Module 6: Additional study questions

  • Opportunity to take additional study questions

Module 7: Recommended study material

  • Links to AWS blogs, documentation, FAQs, and other recommended study material for the exam

Module 8: Course wrap-up

  • How to sign up for the exam
  • Course summary
  • Course feedback


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We recommend that attendees of this course have:

  • Proficiency expressing the intuition behind basic machine learning algorithms and performing basic hyperparameter optimization
  • Understanding of the machine learning pipeline and its components
  • Experience with machine learning and deep learning frameworks
  • Understanding of and experience in model training, deployment and operational best practices