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Effective RACF Administration

  • Code training BE87G
  • Duur 4 dagen

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Practical online course shows how to plan and implement RACF to secure and protect the resources of an OS/390 system ­ includes CICS, IMS and DFSMS environments.


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Personnel with responsibility for implementing and maintaining a RACF security system.


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On completion, you will be able to:

  • Identify the security requirements of a system
  • Use RACF to protect resources
  • Define users and resources to the system
  • Set up a RACF group structure
  • Use the RACF Report Writer
  • Select options to tailor RACF
  • Administer the system to meet the installation's security goals
  • Develop a suitable implementation plan.

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  • Protection of OS/390 system facilities
  • Implementation strategy
  • Defining groups and users
  • Protecting data sets, tape volumes and general resources
  • Controlling CICS, IMS and DFSMS environments
  • Exits and utilities
  • DSMON monitor program
  • RACF report writer
  • Protection of JES facilities.


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Introduction to OS/390 System Services (ES05GB) or equivalent and some practical experience of working in an OS/390 environment.

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