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Examen: Deploy and Manage Citrix ADC with Traffic Management (CCA-N) (1Y0-241)

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The 1Y0-241 exam was developed to measure the minimum knowledge and skills required to implement Citrix ADC 13 solutions. Passing this exam means a candidate demonstrated the minimum requisite knowledge and skills required of Citrix networking professionals who can install, configure and/or operate Citrix ADC 13 in enterprise environments. The tasks tested in this exam will represent those skills, which are deemed most important, based on high criticality ratings, to perform the job of networking and traffic optimization with Citrix ADC.

The 1Y0-241 exam is a 64-question 90 minute exam written in English

The passing score for this exam is 61%.






Section 1: Getting Started 6%

Section 2: Basic Networking 8%

Section 3: Citrix ADC Platforms 5%

Section 4: High Availability 6%

Section 5: Load Balancing 8%

Section 6: SSL Offload 9%

Section 7: Securing the Citric ADC 8%

Section 8: Troubleshooting 9%

Section 9: Default Policies 11%

Section 10: Rewrite, Responder, and URL Transform 11%

Section 11: Content Switching 5%

Section 12: Optimization 3%

Section 13: Global Server Load Balancing 11%



Candidates should have knowledge of the following prior to taking this exam:

  • Basic Networking o Windows and Linux Server administration
  • TCP/IP, HTTP protocols and the OSI model
  • Server load balancing and content switching concepts
  • Web server software
  • DNS, SSL and compression concepts
  • Network security threats and site protection concepts

The recommended course for preparing for this exam is the CNS-225 Deploy and Manage Citrix ADC 13.x with Traffic Management