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Examen: NLAIC Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Business (VHLSNLAICAIBB)

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The NLAIC AI for Business Certification is positioned as the standard for working professionals who wish to leverage Artificial intelligence (AI) in their business environment. Providing a solid grounding on AI good practices and establishing a common language will result in significant benefits. 

The Artificial Intelligence for Business Certification is aimed at executives, managers and professionals who wish to progress beyond basic awareness to acquire an understanding of what AI is, how it works and where it can be applied – including both benefits and risks.

The AI for Business Certification addresses awareness and understanding of the components of AI and provides guidelines to foster its adoption and application in a manner that benefits business, government and society at large.  This involves considering both the benefits and the ethical questions and risks of this powerful new technology.




The AI for Business Certificate is achieved through an exam which demonstrates that a participant:

  • Appreciates what AI is, why it is important now and what benefits it brings
  • Is aware of fundamental concepts such as robotics, algorithms and machine learning approaches
  • Is aware of how to organize a team for AI, approaches and common tools required
  • Understands the dependence AI has upon data and how to manage data for AI
  • Is aware of how to assess risks and ethical dilemmas for Trustworthy AI
  • Can describe how humans and machines will coexist in an organization
  • Is aware of the future directions of AI

The Netherlands AI Coalition (NLAIC) is a public-private collaboration that aims to promote the responsible use of AI within the Netherlands.  The coalition consists of government, business, educational institutions and communities working together to accelerate AI developments and to share and connect initiatives.

Number of questions: 60

Duration(minute) of exam: 60

Pass Mark – X% (X marks): 65%

Open/Closed book: Closed

Language: English & Dutch

Paper based & online availability: Online only



Where can I find the syllabus? See

Can I find an online demo exam? See

What is the recommended literature? Please advise the syllabus 

Is there training material available?  Yes there will be per August’21

Where can I find a trainer? Via Global Knowledge

What are the relevant certifications levels? This currently is the main certification

Which languages are available and where can I find these?  urrently, English and Dutch (Netherlands) language

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