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CISA®, Certified Information Systems Auditor® + Oefen vragen (QAE)

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CISA® - Certified Information Systems Auditor is de wereldwijd erkende gouden standaard voor IS-audit, controle en borging, veelgevraagd en gewaardeerd door toonaangevende wereldmerken. Het is vaak een verplichte kwalificatie voor een baan als IT-auditor. CISA professionals bieden de geloofwaardigheid om standaarden te gebruiken, kwetsbaarheden te beheren, compliance te verzekeren, oplossingen aan te bieden, controles in te stellen en waarde te leveren aan organisaties.

Deze 4-daagse CISA training is de voorbereiding op uw CISA certificering. Tijdens deze cursus leert u over het IT audit proces.

CISA® — Certified Information Systems Auditor is the globally recognized gold standard for IS audit,control, and assurance, in demand and valued by leading global brands. It’s often a mandatory qualification for employment as an IT auditor. CISA professionals offer the credibility to leverage standards, manage vulnerabilities, ensure compliance, offer solutions, institute controls and deliver value to organizations.

This 4-day CISA training course is the preparation for your CISA certification. During this course, you will learn about the IT audit process.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) : 31

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    • Datum: 04-07 december, 2023


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Designed for mid-career IS audit, control and assurance professionals looking to leverage career growth including:

  • IT Audit Directors/Managers/Consultants
  • IT Auditors
  • Compliance/Risk/Privacy Directors
  • IT Directors/Managers/Consultants


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  • Reduce risk: CISAs provide assurance that the organization’s IT and business systems are effectively monitored, managed and protected.
  • Create a common language: CISAs serve as trusted business advisors by assuring that the necessary leadership and organizational structures and processes are in placed to achieve business objectives and support the enterprise’s strategy.
  • Drive business successes: Regulators and clients look for a CISA designation and many businesses and government agencies require it.
  • Be prepared: Research has shown that businesses lose up to 5% of their annual revenue to fraud and irregularities. This reality is prompting leadership to hire CISAs to implement preventive controls and provide assurance on information security and risk management.

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Providing audit services in accordance with standards to assist organizations in protecting and controlling information systems. Domain 1 affirms your credibility to offer conclusions on the state of an organization’s IS/IT security, risk and control solutions.

A. Planning
  1. IS Audit Standards, Guidelines, and Codes of Ethics
  2. Business Processes
  3. Types of Controls
  4. Risk-Based Audit Planning
  5. Types of Audits and Assessments
B. Execution
  1. Audit Project Management
  2. Sampling Methodology
  3. Audit Evidence Collection Techniques
  4. Data Analytics
  5. Reporting and Communication Techniques
  6. Quality Assurance and Improvement of the Audit Process
Domain 2—Governance and Management of IT - (17%)

Domain 2 confirms to stakeholders your abilities to identify critical issues and recommend enterprise-specific practices to support and safeguard the governance of information and related technologies.

A. IT Governance
  1. IT Governance and IT Strategy
  2. IT-Related Frameworks
  3. IT Standards, Policies, and Procedures
  4. Organizational Structure
  5. Enterprise Architecture
  6. Enterprise Risk Management
  7. Maturity Models
  8. Laws, Regulations, and Industry Standards affecting the Organization
B. IT Management
  1. IT Resource Management
  2. IT Service Provider Acquisition and Management
  3. IT Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  4. Quality Assurance and Quality Management of IT

Domain 3—Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation - (12%)  

A. Information Systems Acquisition and Development

  1. Project Governance and Management
  2. Business Case and Feasibility Analysis
  3. System Development Methodologies
  4. Control Identification and Design
  B. Information Systems Implementation
  1. Testing Methodologies
  2. Configuration and Release Management
  3. System Migration, Infrastructure Deployment, and Data Conversion
  4. Post-implementation Review

Domains 3 and 4 offer proof not only of your competency in IT controls, but also your understanding of how IT relates to business.

A. Information Systems Operations
  1. Common Technology Components
  2. IT Asset Management
  3. Job Scheduling and Production Process Automation
  4. System Interfaces
  5. End-User Computing
  6. Data Governance
  7. Systems Performance Management
  8. Problem and Incident Management
  9. Change, Configuration, Release, and Patch Management
  10. IT Service Level Management
  11. Database Management
B. Business Resilience
  1. Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  2. System Resiliency
  3. Data Backup, Storage, and Restoration
  4. Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
  5. Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP)  
Domain 5—Protection of Information Assets - (27%)

Cybersecurity now touches virtually every information systems role, and understanding its principles, best practices and pitfalls is a major focus within Domain 5.

 A. Information Asset Security and Control
  1. Information Asset Security Frameworks, Standards, and Guidelines
  2. Privacy Principles
  3. Physical Access and Environmental Controls
  4. Identity and Access Management
  5. Network and End-Point Security
  6. Data Classification
  7. Data Encryption and Encryption-Related Techniques
  8. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  9. Web-Based Communication Techniques
  10. Virtualized Environments
  11. Mobile, Wireless, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) Devices
B. Security Event Management
  1. Security Awareness Training and Programs
  2. Information System Attack Methods and Techniques
  3. Security Testing Tools and Techniques
  4. Security Monitoring Tools and Techniques
  5. Incident Response Management
  6. Evidence Collection and Forensics


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There are no specific entry requirements to participate in this CISA training.

  • Please note: The examvoucher is not included in the courseprice.
  • 4 hours (240 minutes),
  • 150 multiple choice questions
  • In addition to passing the examination, there are additional requirements for obtaining the certificate. These can be found at:


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CISSP Certification Preparation


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