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GDPR Advanced Mastering Privacy Management

  • Code training GDPR-A-MPM
  • Duur 1 dag

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Getting ready for May 25 was one thing. Remaining GDPR compliant afterwards is something different. That’s why we’ve developed a dedicated course preparing for the day after. You’ll find out how to set-up and manage your privacy office, perform handover from your GDPR program or project to day-to-day operational teams and get to know all about the accountability principle central to GDPR.

Many organizations are already assessing the impact of the GDPR on their activities or have started GDPR implementation projects. Still, they are having a hard time integrating privacy into their business processes. In this advanced course we explain how to do just that by setting up a privacy office, moving from GDPR implementation projects to privacy integrated in day-to-day operations and explaining how to meet the accountability principle through appropriate technical and organizational measures.



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Anyone involved in becoming or remaining GDPR compliant



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Participants know key concepts of data protection and GDPR


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Key takeaways:

  • Actionable GDPR implementation guidelines
  • Day-to-day privacy mgmt guidelines
  • Generic data subject rights policy, generic data breach policy ....


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