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Get to know the 3 Red Hat Learning Subscriptions: which one fits you best?

Global Knowledge
  • Date: 20 October, 2023

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Red Hat is a leading provider of open source software and solutions for businesses. To keep employees' skills and knowledge up to date with rapidly changing technologies, Red Hat offers a unique program: the Red Hat Learning Subscriptions. These are annual subscriptions that provide unlimited access to all of Red Hat's online courses, videos, e-books, hands-on labs and more. The courses are developed and taught by certified Red Hat experts who work with the software every day. The courses can be taken as part of a certification program, to quickly train new employees, to retrain existing employees or to learn new skills.

The benefits of the Red Hat Learning Subscriptions include:

  • Flexibility: subscribers can learn at their own pace, where and when they want, 24/7
  • Current Affairs: Subscribers can explore new product features before they become generally available and experiment in their own virtual lab environment
  • Quality: Subscribers get access to high-quality course content that prepares them for Red Hat certification exams
  • Support: Subscribers can ask questions and chat live with certified Red Hat experts
  • Returns: Research from IDC shows that organizations that invest in Red Hat Training achieve higher productivity, speed and independence of their employees, and a return on investment of 365% over three years.

The Red Hat Learning Subscriptions are available in four options: Basic, Developer, Standard and Premium. Each option offers different features and pricing depending on the organization's needs. For those who are not yet sure whether a Red Hat Learning Subscription is for them, a 14-day free trial is also available.


*Exams are part of the Red Hat Learning Subscription Standard. It includes a maximum of 5 exams and 2 re-exams.

The Red Hat Learning Subscriptions are therefore an ideal way to keep employees up to date with the latest developments in the field of open source software and solutions. By learning from Red Hat experts, employees can grow their skills and knowledge, advance their careers and add more value to their organization.

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